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Release date: 2024-03-26

According to different degrees of perlite processing, its products can be divided into four categories: raw perlite ore, perlite ore, expanded perlite and surface-treated expanded perlite. As a manufacturer of perlite grinding machines, Guilin Hongcheng's perlite vertical grinding mills provide equipment assistance for the processing and utilization of perlite ore. Today we will introduce to you the processing and utilization of perlite ore.

Perlite Processing – HCM Vertical Grinding Mill

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Perlite Processing

1. Perlite ore processing: The beneficiation process of perlite is very simple, usually crushing, classifying and drying. The general crushing and screening process is: raw ore - coarse crushing - screening - medium crushing - secondary screening - coarse ore - screening - fine ore.

2. Processing of expanded perlite: The processing flow of expanded perlite is: raw materials - jaw crusher - hammer crusher - screening - preheating - roasting - product.

3. Expanded perlite processing for surface treatment: After perlite vertical milling and ultrafine grinding and surface chemical treatment, perlite raw ore becomes a mineral filler with certain functions, which can be used in the rubber and plastics industries. The process of chemical modification of the surface of perlite powder is: perlite powder - heating and stirring - modification aids - heating and drying - silane coupling agent - screening and degranulation - modified perlite powder. The production process of hydrophobic expanded perlite is similar to that of expanded perlite. While the perlite sand enters the expansion zone with the air flow, the remaining heat is used to directly spray the waterproofing agent on the expanded perlite particles, and then enters the separator and silo.

4. Use perlite to prepare silicate metal solution: Use sodium hydroxide solution, at 150°C, with a liquid-to-solid ratio of 0.9, and heat for 1 hour to prepare an industrial sodium silicate solution.

When perlite processing, it is often necessary to use a perlite mill for crushing. Therefore, the perlite vertical mill has also become an important equipment for the processing and utilization of perlite ore. The perlite vertical mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng can process 80-2500 mesh perlite mineral powder. If you have perlite processing needs, please leave us a message for equipment details.

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