Perlite powder grinding energy-saving equipment

Release date: 2022-08-11

325 mesh perlite powder grinding energy-saving equipment adopts HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill, which has low comprehensive investment cost, energy saving and consumption reduction, and the model is very popular. It can be selected from 1.2 to 40 tons per hour. Fineness up to 3 microns. HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill saves 30%-50% energy than ordinary mills, is more efficient and energy-saving, and is very popular.

perlite powder grinding energy-saving equipment HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill

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Energy-saving advantages of 325 mesh perlite HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill

1. high grinding and powder selection efficiency, excellent energy saving

The grinding curve of roller sleeve and liner specially designed for ultra-fine powder grinding makes it easier to form material layer, high grinding efficiency, and high yield of one-time grinding; The micro-powder mill above the bench can use the low-valley electricity; using the principle of single-head and multi-head powder separators, the fineness of the milled products can be adjusted within the selected range, without the need for secondary air separation and classification, the powder selection efficiency is high, and the production is the same When the product of the fineness grade is used, it can save 30%-50% energy than the ordinary mill, which is more effective and energy-saving.

2. The product quality is stable and the quality is excellent

Using the principle of material bed milling, the material stays in the mill for a short time, it is easy to detect the particle size distribution and composition of the product, and repeated milling is reduced. The finished product has less iron content, high whiteness and purity; The particle shape is uniform, the particle size distribution is narrow, the fluidity is good, and the product adaptability is strong; in the process of grinding, adding a small amount of grinding aid that does not affect the quality of the finished product can significantly increase the added value of the product.

perlite powder HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill

3. easy maintenance, low operating cost

The grinding roller can be turned out of the machine by hydraulic device, the replacement of the roller sleeve lining plate and the large maintenance space of the mill make the maintenance work very convenient; the grinding roller sleeve can be turned over for use, which prolongs the service life of the wear-resistant material; there is no need to install the grinding disc before starting the machine. The cloth is put on, and the mill can be started without load, avoiding the trouble of difficult startup; the wear is low, and the grinding roller and the lining plate of the grinding disc are made of special materials, and the service life is long.

4. high reliability

The grinding roller limit device is used to avoid the violent vibration caused by the material cut off during the working time of the mill; the new grinding roller sealing device is adopted, the sealing is more reliable, and there is no need to seal the fan, which further reduces the oxygen content in the mill, and the explosion suppression performance is more excellent.

5. environmental protection

The whole system of HLMX vertical mill has low vibration and low noise; the system is sealed as a whole, operates under full negative pressure, and has no dust spillage, which can basically realize a dust-free workshop; Improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the region and even in the powder industry.

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