Method and formula for making bricks with water slag

Release date: 2022-08-17

Water slag making bricks is a good way for smelting enterprises to effectively use solid waste to create profits. Using the Guangxi water-slag vertical mill, the water-quenched slag can be made into powder of the required fineness for brick-making, and then bricks can be produced according to the water-slag brick-making formula. The specific models can be customized according to requirements.

Water slag making bricks

Water slag making bricks

1. Method and formula for making bricks with water slag

A method for making bricks from water slag, which is characterized in that the steps of modification and recycling are as follows: 

(1). Mixing uniformly granular dry water slag or water slag powder with clay powder and stirring to obtain a water slag-clay mixture. 

(2). Add sodium metasilicate into the above-mentioned water-slag-clay mixture and stir evenly to obtain a modified water-slag mixture.

(3). Pour the modified water-slag mixture into the mold, and release the mold after air-drying for 8-24 hours , and then continue to air-dry and then sinter in a furnace above 600 ° C to be used as a finished. In the process of modification and recycling, the weight percentage of each component is: dry water slag 55-65%, clay powder 15-22% %, sodium metasilicate 18-25%.

2. Brick-making water slag powder equipment: Guangxi water slag vertical mill

Guangxi water slag vertical mill

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Guangxi water slag vertical mill models usually design large, medium and small slag vertical roller mill models because they have to take into account investors of different sizes, So the price of slag vertical roller mill is different.

Guangxi water slag vertical mill can produce 80-325 mesh water slag powder. There are various models of large, medium and small, and the output of a single machine ranges from 15 to 220 tons. If you have equipment requirements, please provide the two parameters of powder fineness and production capacity. We will arrange professional technical engineers to configure the production line and give you a plan quotation, and provide contact information to facilitate pre-sales and after-sales communication and docking.

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