Market Prospect Analysis of Steel Slag Micropowder

Release date: 2023-03-23

In order to maintain sustainable economic development, further reduce the consumption of natural resources, and protect the ecological environment, one of the best ways is to make full use of industrial waste. So what is the prospect of steel slag powder market? Carrying out comprehensive utilization of resources is a long-term strategic policy in social development. It is of great significance to saving resources, improving the environment, improving economic benefits, promoting the transformation of economic growth mode from extensive to intensive, and realizing optimal allocation of resources and sustainable development. 

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Steel slag is industrial waste produced in the process of steelmaking. It is mainly used in roadbed engineering, engineering backfill and asphalt concrete aggregate, etc., but it is not widely used in cement and concrete. If through in-depth research, steel slag with wide distribution and large quantity can be applied to concrete as a mineral admixture, it will not only be beneficial to environmental protection and comprehensive utilization, but also obtain better economic benefits.

Concentrated mixing of concrete provides an application space for the utilization of steel slag. Practice shows that the use of ready-mixed concrete can more than double the labor productivity, save 10% to 15% of cement, reduce the project cost by about 5%, and can ensure the quality of the project and save construction. Use land, reduce dust pollution, and achieve green construction. The development of commercial concrete has promoted the development of slag powder production and expanded the demand market for slag powder. It can be seen that the steel slag powder market has great potential.

At present, vertical grinding technology is used to grind steel slag powder to produce products that replace high-energy-consuming cement clinker, which belongs to the industry's advanced production technology. Its technical characteristics mainly include the following aspects: the use of vertical grinding mills to grind steel slag fine powder has the characteristics of advanced technology, reliable production, and high labor productivity. The specific surface area of one ton produced by vertical mills is 400m2/kg-500m2/kg Slag and steel slag micropowder save electricity by 30% to 50% compared with the production of the same weight of micropowder by traditional ball mills; The separate grinding process can flexibly adjust the product fineness according to market needs. With the increase of slag and steel slag powder in concrete, the heat of hydration and the content of harmful components in concrete can be reduced, creating favorable conditions for improving the performance of concrete with lower energy consumption; using vertical mill to grind steel slag, The material is ground in a high temperature (100°C-300°C) humid environment, and most of the free calcium oxide and free magnesium oxide in the steel slag powder are hydrated into highly active calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. In addition, the incorporation of slag and steel slag micropowder in concrete can effectively reduce the reaction of alkali aggregate, prevent micro-cracks of concrete, and prolong the life of buildings. Therefore, concrete mixed with slag powder is very popular in the construction industry for its unique properties. Grinding steel slag alone can be directly used as a product for concrete production according to market needs, or it can be sold as cement by adjusting the fineness and dosage according to needs.

Guilin Hongcheng vertical mill is a professional equipment for steel slag treatment and utilization production line, which plays an important role in the treatment of steel slag solid waste by steel enterprises. It is a good thing for the country and the people to develop steel slag powder projects. The steel slag powder market It has broad prospects and great significance, and will play a positive role in promoting the construction of "zero-waste cities" and promoting the sustainable development of the steel industry. Welcome to leave a message to learn about the steel slag vertical mill.

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