Maintenance of Raymond Mill

Release date: 2024-02-04

Raymond mill is a new type of grinding mill that replaces ball mills for processing powder. Its various technical indicators have reached relatively good levels and is highly praised by users in various industries. Therefore, the maintenance of Raymond mill is a very important task.

Maintenance of Raymond mill

1. During the grinding process of the Raymond mill, fixed personnel should be responsible for the supervision. The operators must have a certain technical level. Secondly, the operators must receive necessary technical training so that they have a good understanding of the operation of the Raymond mill. Only after familiarity with the principle, performance and operating procedures can the operator control the Raymond mill.

2. After the Raymond mill has been used for a period of time, it should be inspected when it is shut down. At the same time, the wearing parts such as the grinding roller, grinding ring, and blade of the Raymond mill should be inspected and replaced. The grinding roller device is in use. The connecting bolts and nuts should be carefully inspected before and after to see if there is any looseness and whether the lubricating grease is sufficient.

3. When the grinding roller device of the Raymond mill has been used for more than 500 hours, the grinding roller should be replaced. The rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned. The damaged parts should be replaced in time. The refueling tool can Use a manual oil pump and grease gun for refueling.

4. In order to ensure the normal grinding operation and toner requirements of the Raymond mill, the scrapping limit of the grinding roller and ring of the Raymond mill is that the minimum wall thickness of the remaining grinding roller and ring shall not be less than 10mm. Once the wall thickness of the grinding roller and ring is found to be less than 10mm during inspection, the grinding roller and ring must be replaced immediately to avoid affecting the milling effect.

5. When it is necessary to stop using the Raymond mill, the feeder should be stopped first. The main machine cannot be stopped and continues to work so that the remaining abrasives continue to be milled until all the materials in the mill are discharged. , you can turn off the host motor and analyzer motor to stop the grinding work, and then stop the fan motor to blow away the remaining powder.

Maintenance of Raymond Mill

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Various problems will occur during the use of Raymond mill, so it is very important to take precautions in advance. This not only reduces the loss of the enterprise, but also extends the service life of the Raymond mill, killing two birds with one stone. If you have any questions about the grinder, please leave us a message.

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