Advantages of Kaolin Vertical Grinding Mill

Release date: 2024-02-03

The advantages of kaolin vertical grinding mill are mainly reflected in key aspects such as stable material layer, efficient grinding and fine powder selection.

Advantages of Kaolin Vertical Grinding Mill

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The main structure of the kaolin vertical mill is: powder separator, upper polish body, lower polish body, frame, grinding device (grinding roller + grinding disc), transmission arm device (moving arm + moving arm), pressurizing device, It is composed of limit device, driving device (main motor + main reducer), etc..

Advantages of Kaolin Vertical Grinding Mill

(1) Stable material layer

The driving force of the kaolin vertical mill comes from the main motor, which drives the main reducer, thereby driving the grinding disc to rotate. According to the grinding and fineness differences of materials with different characteristics, the grinding speed of the grinding disc is different. The rotation speed of the grinding disc depends on the speed ratio of the reducer and the input speed of the main motor. It is one of the important technical parameters of vertical mill.

In order to improve the grinding efficiency of the mill and the fineness of the product, it is first necessary to ensure that the material forms a stable material layer on the grinding disc, so the grinding disc speed must match the grinding speed of the material. Since the kaolin is earthy, the grinding particle size is small, and the fineness of the finished product is required to be high. In order to control the reasonable flow rate of materials on the grinding disc and form a stable grinding material layer, in principle, the rotation speed of the grinding disc is reduced, but excessive reduction will cause Material accumulates on the grinding disc, affecting grinding efficiency.

(2) Efficient grinding

The earthy loose form of kaolin contains a large amount of gas inside. In order to grind under high pressure, the material layer needs to be exhausted and compacted before entering the grinding area to avoid severe fluidization of the material layer, which may cause grinding roller slippage and mill vibration. An undesirable automatic trip stop affects the operation of the mill. After research, the grinding roller of the kaolin vertical mill adopts a tire type and the grinding disc adopts a bowl-shaped disc structure. The arc surface of the tire-type grinding roller is a steep curve from the outside (the center side of the grinding disc) to the inside (the edge side of the grinding disc). The design uses the centrifugal force of the material and the unilateral weight of the grinding roller to compact the material layer. At the same time, a height-adjustable retaining ring is used to assist in regulating the migration speed of the material on the grinding disc so that it can be effectively ground.

(3)Fine powder selection

Today's vertical mill powder selection devices have three basic forms: static powder selector, dynamic powder selector, dynamic and static combination and high-efficiency multi-rotor powder selector. When grinding materials with low fineness (relatively coarse and without special particle size distribution requirements), a static separator can be used; when grinding cement raw materials, raw coal, clinker, non-metallic minerals (pyrophyllite, bentonite, desulfurized lime, Stone powder, gypsum powder, etc.), dynamic and dynamic and static combination powder separators are widely used: in some non-metallic mineral industries with higher fineness requirements, such as heavy calcium, high-efficiency multi-rotor powder separators are mostly used. Meet the powder selection requirements of 800~1250 mesh, or even finer.

With the advantages of kaolin vertical grinding mill, it can completely replace coarse powder equipment such as Raymond mill and process kaolin fine powder products on a large scale. Moreover, the kaolin vertical mill has the advantages of high output, low power consumption, low wear, environmentally friendly and dust-free negative pressure production, high degree of automation and less labor, simple process and small footprint, etc., which can bring better economic and environmental benefits to kaolin companies. If you have relevant needs, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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