Lepidolite Grinding Mill and Its Application

Release date: 2022-11-07

In recent years, the lepidolite milling industry is booming. This material belongs to new energy ore, which is processed by crushing equipment, grinding equipment, etc., and the lepidolite powder produced is widely used. Let's take a look at the use of lepidolite and the lepidolite grinding mill.

Lepidolite Grinding Mill and Its Application

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1. What is lepidolite

Lepidolite used to be rare until it became more readily available in the last decade. It is sometimes a large round bundle-like aggregate or a small flat and continuous block, but the most common is a pink-purple microcrystalline rubble, and the surface is very shiny when exposed to light. Lepidolite is a subspecies of mica that is colored by the element lithium it contains and is used industrially as an insulating material and in spar therapy to protect the heart from damage. Often associated with pink tourmaline, lepidolite gives the soft lepidolite even more power and allows it to heal emotional trauma and encourage the expression of desire.

2. The use of lepidolite

Lepidolite also plays many roles in life. For example, if the plastic is used outdoors for a long time and is irradiated by sunlight for a long time, the mechanical properties of the plastic product will be reduced, which will affect the use. This is because the ultraviolet light in sunlight can break most of the chemical bonds and destroy the polymer material. In order to prolong the life, some anti-ultraviolet photoaging agents, such as lepidolite powder, are often added to polymer plastics. The layered structure of lepidolite powder can improve the toughness and crack resistance of polymer plastic materials, and can also make the material have ultraviolet light shielding effect through the polarizing effect of the mica layer.

As a high-yield mineral, lepidolite also has many other excellent effects, for example, it can be used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat headaches and other diseases, and it can be used as a flame retardant and lubricating oil when combined with objects such as aluminum hydroxide.

3. Recommendation of lepidolite grinding mill

What grinder is used to grind lepidolite? The fineness of our common lepidolite is 325 mesh, and we recommend vertical mill for grinding lepidolite. Guilin Hongcheng series ore pulverizers, vertical mills, ultra-fine mills and Raymond mills are exported to domestic and foreign milling markets. The product fineness can be adjusted between 80-2500 mesh, and the equipment energy saving and environmental protection dust collection rate is 99%. Among them, the vertical mill is the leader in the milling industry, and it is also the ideal mechanical equipment for lepidolite milling.

Guilin Hongcheng HLM vertical mill production line can increase production and efficiency, with large output, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost. Guilin Hongcheng is customer-centric, and is committed to providing a complete set of milling solutions for powder processing. Hongcheng has a large-scale milling trial grinding center, and customers can provide trial grinding processing with incoming materials to meet different types of materials and customer needs. Choose professional test grinding equipment. Seeing is believing test grinding data will make your return on investment higher. Welcome to leave a message for details.

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