Is Raymond mill suitable for secondary aluminum ash 120 mesh

Release date: 2023-06-19

Aluminum ash is a by-product of the electrolytic aluminum industry, which is divided into primary aluminum ash and secondary aluminum ash. Primary aluminum ash is the ash that is regularly scraped out during the melting and casting process of aluminum-related industries such as electrolytic aluminum plants and recycled aluminum plants, in which the metal aluminum content is 15% to 20%. Enterprises usually use methods such as frying ash or pressing to recover the metal aluminum in aluminum ash. The primary aluminum ash is ground and screened to obtain elemental aluminum, and the fine ash obtained is the secondary aluminum ash. Secondary aluminum ash harmless treatment usually needs to be ground to 120 mesh. So, what equipment is used to process the secondary aluminum ash 120 mesh? Is aluminum ash suitable for processing with Raymond mill? Guilin Hongcheng, a manufacturer of aluminum gray Raymond mill, will answer your questions today.

Is Raymond mill suitable for secondary aluminum ash 120 mesh

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The harmless treatment of the secondary aluminum ash is to make full use of the trace elemental aluminum and aluminum nitride contained in the secondary aluminum ash (the content of aluminum nitride in the aluminum ash is 15-40%) to contact with oxygen to produce a combustion reaction, release a certain amount of heat, and produce The high temperature conditions required for the transformation of aluminum nitride into alumina and nitrogen realize the transformation of aluminum ash from hazardous waste properties to non-hazardous solid objects. The process is to remove the iron from the secondary aluminum ash first, then pump the material through the automatic conveyor to the feeding port of the crushing, milling, and screening machines, screen out the granular aluminum and fine ash, and automatically transport the fine ash to the top of the 10T high-temperature calcination furnace The upper silo is ready for use, and the granular aluminum enters the ash fryer or rotary kiln for metal aluminum recovery. The processing of secondary aluminum ash is mainly the grinding process. What equipment is used to process the secondary aluminum ash 120 mesh? Usually secondary aluminum ash 120 mesh is processed by aluminum ash Raymond mill. Next, let's take a look at the processing flow of secondary aluminum ash 120 mesh aluminum ash Raymond mill.

Raymond mill processing aluminum ash process: the forklift transports the aluminum ash in stock to be processed in the workshop to the feeding bin of the belt conveyor, transports it to the chute of the front hopper of the mill through the sealed belt conveyor, and guides it into the mill through the chute Carry out primary grinding. The materials after the primary crushing treatment by the mill pass through the screening operation of the linear vibrating sieve, and the bulk aluminum > 4mm (the aluminum content of this kind of material > 95%) is sorted out and picked up by the material box; the remaining ≤ 4mm The fine powder is transported to the aluminum powder storage bin by the bucket elevator, and is regularly and quantitatively transported to the Raymond mill by the screw conveyor through the control of the material level meter for secondary crushing (reducing the work of the aluminum gray Raymond mill) time). After being processed by the aluminum gray Raymond mill, the fine powder of 120-150 mesh can be achieved. This kind of fine powder is a necessary link to achieve calcination. After calcination, it can reach a high temperature of 1100-1400°C, and such high-temperature ash is guided through the chute to the high-speed cooling system below the water level for forced cooling. Finished ash that can reach a temperature of<60°C after cooling and can be used as a downstream production line. This kind of finished ash is finally transported to the ground by a bucket elevator for bagging. The whole set of aluminum ash Raymond mill secondary ash equipment is equipped with complete and environmentally friendly pulse bag-type dust removal equipment.

Is aluminum ash suitable for processing with Raymond mill? Of course it is suitable. The overall power of the secondary aluminum ash 120 mesh processing and production of the aluminum gray Raymond mill is about 400kw, and the electricity consumption for processing 1 ton of secondary aluminum ash is about 120KWh. The main equipment covers an area of about 500m2, including about 1000m2 of raw materials and finished products. Raymond mill processing aluminum ash has the characteristics of low investment, small footprint, low operating cost, high degree of automation, simple operation, and wide product outlets. If you have relevant needs, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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