Iron red grinding mill laterite powder production process

Release date: 2023-06-29

Red clay powder, also known as natural iron red and pigment red, is a mixture of natural clay and red iron oxide. Strong adhesion, stable to sunlight and atmosphere. It is a kind of inorganic pigment, widely used in the coloring of woodware, wooden boats, etc. It can also be used as a coloring agent for cement terrazzo floors, glass products, etc. The performance of laterite powder is not only more stable than that of artificially synthesized iron red, but also the cost is greatly reduced, and it is more environmentally friendly. It is an important industrial production method for material research and application. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of iron red grinding mills. The laterite grinding mills we produce have been widely used in the market in the laterite powder production process. Today, I will introduce you to the laterite powder production process and improvement measures.

Iron red grinding mill laterite powder production process-HLMX ultrafine vertical mill

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Production status of laterite powder: In recent years, there is a wide demand for natural iron red production and development technology. The industry has also accumulated some technologies and methods for the production of natural iron red and artificial iron red, all of which are part of the natural ore and laterite crushing technology. It can be widely used in paints, coatings, rubber, plastics, ceramics, glass, construction and other industries. However, due to technical bottlenecks, the production and processing of natural laterite powder is still difficult to replace artificial synthetic materials. Judging from the production cycle and price situation, the use of synthetic iron red technology not only has a long process and serious pollution, but also the price is 42.9% higher than that of natural iron red.

Laterite powder production process: including coarse crushing, fine crushing, ball milling, calcining and fine grinding. Its production steps are:

(1) Raw material preparation: Remove miscellaneous stones from the excavated natural ore or laterite, screen out natural ores with suitable color, high content of relevant active ingredients, and highly consistent crystal structure, and send them to the crusher for coarse crushing.

(2) Fine crushing: The coarsely crushed particles are separated into different pipelines and transported to the multi-level grinding equipment for fine grinding, and the necessary particle uniformity detection and treatment are carried out.

(3) Multi-level ball milling: from fine grinding to multi-level ball milling, adding organic particles. And pay full attention to the aforementioned technical standards in order to complete the production tasks smoothly.

(4) Raymond machine use: after removing impurities, according to technical standards and actual detection conditions, use Raymond machine to complete qualified products when ultra-fine products; and pay attention to using steam containing nacl as described in the content of the invention to achieve effective grinding into Ultrafine powder product.

(5) Physical cooling: The calcined fine powder is physically cooled to prevent re-condensation, so as to produce ultra-fine powder or dry powder that meets advanced requirements.

As a manufacturer of iron red mill, Guilin Hongcheng has focused on summarizing the production status of various natural ores for many years in order to solve the crushing technology in the production of laterite powder. It is recommended that you choose HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill as the laterite mill. To obtain the specific gravity of various material particles, comprehensively grasp the production timeliness and grinding degree, and achieve the purpose effect of 1250-1500 mesh and above. The HLMX series ultra-fine vertical mill is a large-scale ultra-fine vertical mill developed on the basis of the HLM vertical mill to meet the development requirements of my country's non-metallic mineral industry. It has been successfully applied in the market and the technology is mature. It can replace imported equipment and is an ideal equipment for large-scale production of ultra-fine powder with high efficiency, high yield, environmental protection and energy saving. It adopts single-head and multi-head powder classifiers to effectively control the fineness of finished products; the fineness of finished products ranges from 3 μm to 22 μm, and can be obtained efficiently Qualified products with various specifications.

In addition to the HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill, Guilin Hongcheng, an iron red mill manufacturer, also has HC, HCQ and other series of Raymond red clay mills to provide technical and equipment support for the laterite powder production process. If you have related laterite powder production Demand, please leave a message to the Marketing Department of Iron Red Mill Manufacturer Hongcheng for details.

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