Industrial Production of Bleaching Powder

Release date: 2024-01-10

Industrial production of bleaching powder consists of three parts: lime digestion, bleaching powder production and tail gas treatment processes. As a bleaching powder production equipment manufacturer, today I will introduce to you in detail the bleaching powder production equipment and bleaching powder production process.

Industrial Production of Bleaching Powder-calcium hydroxide special mill

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Steps for industrial production of bleaching powder

1. Digestion of limestone

The raw ash is sent to the jaw crusher. After crushing, the particle size is between 10~50mm. Then it is sent to the raw ash silo by a vertical elevator. It is added to the quicklime digester through the screw metering conveyor and comes into contact with water. digestive reactions. The digested ash enters the aging warehouse, and the aging time is about 3 days. The purpose is to allow the water and the ash to react fully and evenly. Then it is sent to the HC Calcium Hydroxide Special Mill for grinding through a screw conveyor, and then the powder is transported to the storage bin.

2. Bleaching powder production

The bleaching powder production process uses chlorine gas and sterilized ash (Ca(OH)2) as raw materials to produce bleaching powder products. The digested ash in the digested ash silo is vibrated and sent to four sets of bleaching machines by pipeline screw conveyors. The powder bleaching machine is divided into four sections, and the ash is discharged from top to bottom in a circuitous section. After the chlorine gas is liquefied, the tail chlorine enters the bleaching machine through distribution and adjustment. The chlorine ash is fully contacted with the chlorine gas, and an exothermic chemical reaction occurs. The tail gas is extracted from the top with a fan and sent to the tail gas absorption part. The finished bleached powder is output at the lowest section of the bleaching machine and is packed into the warehouse through an automatic packaging machine.

3. Tail gas treatment

The tail gas treatment process is to absorb the chlorine that cannot be fully absorbed in the production of bleaching powder with limewater, so that it can meet the emission standards, and at the same time, the by-product bleaching liquid is obtained.

The main equipment needed for industrial production of bleaching powder includes: crushers, digesters, mills, bleaching machines, etc. Guilin Hongcheng can equip you with a complete set of equipment for the quicklime digestion and grinding section, with an hourly output of 5-20t/h, which can reach five-level digestion. The calcium hydroxide produced is of high purity and meets the needs of bleaching powder production. If you want to know the detailed information of the equipment, Welcome to leave us a message.

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