How to recycle scrap fiberglass?

Release date: 2024-01-20

How to recycle scrap fiberglass? The traditional treatment methods for scrap fiberglass products are burying and burning. Burying has the disadvantage of occupying a large amount of land and polluting groundwater, while burning has the disadvantage of producing harmful gases that pollute the environment. As a scrap fiberglass vertical grinding mill manufacturer, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you today the treatment plan for scrap fiberglass.

At present, developed countries have done more research on scrap fiberglass treatment solutions and have achieved some results. In summary, the main scrap fiberglass treatment solutions include: chemical recovery method, energy recovery method, and physical recovery method. There are currently two scrap fiberglass treatment options that are more economical and practical.

How to recycle scrap fiberglass-vertical grinding mill

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How to recycle scrap fiberglass?

1. As cement raw material: This method is to first crush the scrap fiberglass into powder with a particle size of 10 mm, blow it into the cement kiln, burn it as fuel, and use the residue as cement raw material. The characteristic of this method is that it can completely process all fiberglass waste. Part of the scrap fiberglass is converted into energy, which can reduce part of the fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Due to the high temperature in the kiln, very few harmful gases are produced, and there is no problem of harmful gases polluting the air.

2. Physical recycling: crush scrap fiberglass into powders with different particle sizes and use them as fillers. This method has the lowest production cost and simple processing method. It can handle a large amount of scrap fiberglass, such as BMC and SMC. The filling amount can reach 30%~50%. Although the strength has been reduced to a certain extent, it can meet the general use requirements. At the same time, it can also reduce the proportion of products and make lightweight products.

In addition to the above two scrap fiberglass treatment options, the chemical recovery method is better. This method is to dissolve the crushed micro powder in ethylene glycol and use it in the presence of an alkali catalyst at a high temperature of 230°C~245°C. Under the action, the resin is decomposed and the glass fiber is separated, and then maleic acid or fumaric acid is added for re-reaction to regenerate unsaturated polyester. The molecular weight of the obtained unsaturated polyester is improved, and the product performance is A greater degree of improvement. However, this method is technically difficult, requires high recycling equipment, and has high recycling costs. Therefore, physical recycling methods have become an ideal choice for scrap fiberglass treatment solutions.

How to recycle scrap fiberglass? The vertical grinding mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng can crush fiberglass, greatly improving processing efficiency. At the same time, the scrap fiberglass can be processed into different particle size ranges according to the different uses of scrap fiberglass recycling, which facilitates resource utilization and provides convenience for scrap fiberglass recycling. If you have any intention in scrap fiberglass recycling, please contact Guilin Hongcheng. We can provide you with customized solutions and equipment, and jointly contribute to the scrap fiberglass recycling industry.

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