How to deal with lead-zinc mine tailings

Release date: 2023-09-16

Heavy metals in mine tailings are relatively stable and difficult to degrade in the environment. They cannot be degraded by microorganisms and are difficult to remove from the environment. So, how to deal with lead-zinc mine tailings?

Grinding lead and zinc tailings to appropriate fineness for use as concrete mineral admixtures or cement admixtures is of great significance to improving the environment and achieving the reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization of solid waste, and can also expand the amount of resources. , broadening employment channels, has positive significance for promoting cleaner production, establishing a circular economy model, and taking the path of sustainable development.

How to deal with lead-zinc mine tailings-vertical grinding mill

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Lead-zinc ore tailings are tailings after mineral processing. The mineral composition of the lead-zinc raw ore mainly contains zinc sulfide, lead sulfide and iron sulfide. The lead-zinc tailings slag vertical mill processing lead-zinc ore tailings process flow is: the lead-zinc tailings are sent into the pit with a screen plate by a loader, and passed through the weighing scale, belt conveyor, screw feeder, and feeding chute Falling onto the grinding plate, the constant-speed rotating grinding plate uses centrifugal force to evenly disperse the lead and zinc tailings outwards, forming a material bed of a certain thickness. The materials are pre-compacted and exhausted before entering the grinding area. At the same time, the materials on the material bed are It is crushed by the squeeze of two grinding rollers. Materials with finer particles are carried up by the hot gas entering from the air ring at the edge of the grinding disc and enter the powder separator for sorting (the dynamic and static combined high-efficiency powder separator can effectively adjust the fineness of the tailings powder, and the specific surface area of the product can be Control within the range of 400m/kg~500m/kg). Qualified fine powder is brought into the bag dust collector and collected as finished product, while the coarse powder is returned to the grinding disc for grinding again; large particle materials fall into the air inlet duct at the air ring and enter the external circulation system through the slag discharging port. During this process, the material and hot gas fully exchange heat, and the moisture is quickly evaporated. According to the process requirements, the moisture content of qualified fine powder sorted by the powder separator can be controlled to<0.5%. Some large-grained materials that are difficult to grind fall into the air ring and enter the external circulation system through the slag discharge port. After iron removal, they enter the vertical mill again and are ground together with the newly fed materials. The finished products coming out of the dust collector are sent to the finished product warehouse through air conveying chute, elevator and other equipment. Three iron removal devices are designed in the system. The first belt after the weighing scale is equipped with a belt-type iron remover, the belt after the transfer point is equipped with another belt-type iron remover, and the material circulation system is equipped with an ultra-fine iron remover. These three iron removal devices can effectively remove iron from tailings and reduce equipment wear.

The lead-zinc tailings slag vertical grinding mill is a mechanical equipment device that grinds lead-zinc tailings through the relative motion between grinding rollers and grinding discs based on the principle of material bed grinding. It integrates crushing, grinding, drying, powder selection and other processes. , compact structure. The lead-zinc tailings slag vertical mill has significant environmental protection benefits for the treatment of lead-zinc mine tailings, laying a solid foundation for further realizing the comprehensive utilization of tailings. If you have purchasing needs for lead-zinc tailings slag vertical mill, please leave us a message.

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