Lithium mineral is the new outlet of the times, how to choose lithium mineral grinding mill ?

Release date: 2022-05-26

lithium mineral grinding mill

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The application prospect of lithium ore after crushing, grinding and sorting will be broader, the demand will be greater, and the situation of short supply will exist for a long time. So which lithium mineral grinding mill should we choose?

As the lightest metal in nature, lithium ore mainly exists in the form of spodumene, lepidolite and bauxite. It has abundant reserves in Chile, China, Argentina, and Bolivia in South America, and is widely used in smelting and refrigeration , atomic energy, aerospace, welding and other fields.

1. Lithium mineral processing

Crushing is to change the large pieces of lithium ore into small pieces to meet the requirements of the next process for the particle size of lithium ore.

Grinding is to dissociate lithium ore from gangue minerals to the maximum extent by means of the impact and grinding action of the medium (steel balls, steel rods, gravel) and the minerals themselves in mechanical equipment, so as to provide particles that meet the requirements of particle size. The material required for the next beneficiation process.

Sorting, also known as lithium ore sorting or sorting, uses certain beneficiation methods to separate useful minerals, gangue minerals and different useful minerals in lithium ore from each other and enrich them separately. The sorted products are lithium ore concentrate and lithium ore tailings.

In the process of crushing, grinding and sorting, many professional mining machinery and equipment are needed, such as Raymond mill, vertical mill, ring roller mill, etc. Guilin Hongcheng has been committed to providing a complete set of solutions for powder processing for more than 30 years, and is a benchmark enterprise for powder equipment manufacturing in China.

2. How to choose lithium mineral grinding mill?

At present, there are various lithium mineral grinding mill on the market. According to the characteristics of lithium mineral and the selection of applications, for a comprehensive comparison, the choice of Raymond mill and vertical mill for lithium mineral grinding mill is good , the details are as follows:

(1) Raymond Mill

The output is 1-55 tons per hour, the fineness is 22-180μm

From block material to powder, it is an independent production system. It has strong complete set and saves investment costs. It can meet the needs of different users by analyzing the functions of the machine and the fan. It has a vertical structure and occupies a small area. One equipment can grind A variety of materials, the finished product is of good quality, and the sorting accuracy is high. The electrical system is controlled by PLC system, which reduces labor costs and improves operating efficiency.

(2) Vertical mill

The hourly output is 1—200t/h, and the fineness is 22—180μm

It is suitable for large-scale and large-scale grinding powder production. The finished powder has uniform fineness and high sieving rate. Under the action of high-pressure spring and centrifugal force, it rolls close to the grinding ring for operation and high output.

To choose a good lithium mineral grinding mill, not only the output, fineness, and feeding conditions should be considered, but also the site layout, investment budget, and post-service. Equipment selection is a rigorous matter, you can leave a message or consult: [email protected], and find the manufacturer to negotiate and understand.

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