How design the zinc smelting pulverized coal preparation system

Release date: 2023-10-27

In the non-ferrous metal pyrometallurgical smelting industry, many processes require materials to be sprayed into the smelting furnace through nozzles by pneumatic conveying. In the bottom-blown reduction furnace and fumigation furnace of lead smelting, and the fumigation furnace of zinc slag treatment, pulverized coal is an important fuel and reducing agent in the pyrometallurgy process. Since pulverized coal injection is used, finely ground and dried pulverized coal needs to be added. So how to design the zinc smelting pulverized coal preparation system? Today, Guilin Hongcheng, a vertical coal mill manufacturer with zinc smelting coal pulverized preparation system, will introduce it to you.

How to design the zinc smelting pulverized coal preparation system? In order to ensure that the materials pass through the nozzle quickly and without sticking, the raw materials need to be pretreated so that their particle size and moisture content meet the process requirements. In recent years, vertical grinding mills, as advanced and reliable grinding equipment, have been widely used in the pretreatment of raw materials in the non-ferrous smelting field due to their excellent grinding and drying properties. Vertical mills are also called roller mills and medium-speed mills. They have a history of more than half a century since their invention. With the development of material science and hydraulic technology and the continuous innovation of design and processing, the durability of the vertical mill grinding body has been greatly improved. The grinding performance has been significantly improved and the hydraulic system is more advanced and reliable. The structural forms of the grinding roller sleeves and grinding disc linings are continuously improved, and the grinding disc rotation speed corresponds to different product fineness, which further improves the grinding efficiency, thus further expanding the development and application of vertical mills.

Design of pulverized coal preparation system for zinc smelting: Take a zinc smelting project using oxygen bottom blow smelting-bottom blow electrothermal smelting reduction method as an example. The project has an annual zinc output of 60,000 tons, and the reduction furnace and fumeification furnace use pulverized coal as fuel. The design capacity of pulverized coal is 10t/h. In this project, raw coal is sent from the concentrate bin to the raw coal bin in the pulverized coal preparation workshop via a belt conveyor, and then added to the vertical mill through a closed weighing coal feeder. The hot air required for vertical mill drying of pulverized coal is provided by a mixture of hot flue gas generated by the hot blast stove, circulating air from the pulverized coal induced draft fan, and cold air. The pulverized coal produced by the vertical mill is collected by a pulse bag dust collector, screened by a pulverized coal screen, and then sent to the pulverized coal bunker. The entire system is controlled by micro-negative pressure of the pulverized coal induced draft fan.

How design the zinc smelting pulverized coal preparation system-vertical grinding mill

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The HLM series of vertical coal mill equipment produced by Guilin Hongcheng has been widely used in blast furnace injection pulverized coal preparation systems. If you want to know more information about zinc smelting pulverized coal preparation systems, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment details.

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