Explosion-proof of pulverized coal in cement plant

Release date: 2022-08-09

The explosion-proof of pulverized coal in the cement plant is still very important in safe production. Guilin Hongcheng HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill will configure the explosion-proof valve of the pulverized coal preparation system, and pay attention to the selection of the bag filter of the pulverized coal preparation system to ensure the safety factor of the pulverized coal production workshop.

HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill

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1. Explosion-proof disposal plan of pulverized coal preparation system in cement plant

(1) Transformation of dust explosion sites. Isolate the dust-generating operation and set it up in a workshop that meets the specification requirements. According to the "Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings" GB 50016, the location of the dust collector should be reasonably arranged to ensure sufficient safety distance.

(2) Renovation of dust removal pipes and suction ports. Use a vacuum hose of the corresponding length as required, and the dust-generating equipment should be equipped with a corresponding vacuum hood to increase the dust removal efficiency.

(3) Renovation of dust removal system. Select the appropriate ventilation and dust removal system according to the characteristics of the dust and the characteristics of the enterprise's operation.

(4) Electrical explosion-proof. According to the national standard "Code for Design of Electrical Equipment in Explosive Hazardous Environments" GB 50058, the hazardous area of explosive dust environment is divided, and the explosion-proof grade of electrical equipment is selected and installed according to the hazardous area.

(5) Lightning and anti-static. Acceptance and inspection of lightning and anti-static facilities involving explosive dust sites shall be carried out to ensure that the installation position, height and angle meet the standard requirements, and parts that do not meet the requirements shall be modified or replaced.

(6) Operation equipment. Equipped with corresponding safety and protective equipment according to the type of dust, such as dust masks, anti-static shoes, anti-static gloves and anti-static clothing, etc., employees are required to wear them in accordance with the post operation regulations.

(7) Cleaning and maintenance tools. Avoid using iron tools that are prone to sparks, and replace them with softer copper, aluminum, wood and other materials for cleaning, overhauling, and working tools.

2. HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill production line of pulverized coal preparation system in cement plant

The pulverized coal preparation system of Hongcheng Cement Plant is a complete set of mechanical equipment, including crusher, HLMX ultra-fine vertical pulverizer (325-2500 mesh for pulverized coal production), powder separator, auxiliary equipment (fan, feeder, Iron remover, dust collector, packaging machine, palletizer ==). The whole set of pulverized coal preparation system equipment of cement plant is equipped with electric pulse precipitator, installed with inert gas device and explosion-proof valve, which can effectively control the occurrence of dust explosion accidents in the production environment.

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