Electrolytic Grinders for Recycling Smelted Aluminum

Release date: 2023-09-06

When electrolytic aluminum enterprises clean and polish aluminum electrolysis, a large number of electrolytic blocks are cleaned from the surface of residual electrodes. However, the grinding system of alumina crust blocks is relatively simple, which seriously pollutes the environment, making the backlog of electrolytic blocks unable to be used in normal production tanks, resulting in more and more electrolytic blocks and occupying a large amount of company production funds. Guilin Hongcheng, as a manufacturer of electrolytic grinder systems, today launched a new electrolytic grinder system for electrolytic aluminum recycling.

Electrolytic Grinders for Recycling Smelted Aluminum-Vertical Grinding Mill

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The new electrolyte mill system is mainly composed of three-way slide, jaw crusher, large-angle belt conveyor, buffer silo, vibrating feeder, impact crusher, belt conveyor, vertical mill , bucket elevator, vibrating screen, iron remover, pulse bag filter, fan, and finished product silo are connected. This electrolyte pulverizer system adopts the combination of traditional mechanical crushing and high-efficiency pulverizer. The product material particles are stable and adjustable, and the particle size above 1mm is the majority, and there will be no excessive fine powder, which is very good for electrolysis. Groove use requirements; the impact crusher and the vertical mill are connected in parallel, and they can be used as backups for each other in the event of equipment maintenance, which is conducive to continuous and stable production; the materials from the impact crusher and the vertical mill pass through the bucket The hoist can directly enter the finished product silo or pass through the sieve and then enter the silo and return to re-grind; the degree of automation is high. The system can automatically switch various working modes, centralized control, unattended equipment on site, improve labor productivity and reduce labor intensity; the product has uniform particle size, less over-grinding phenomenon, and higher grinding efficiency; mature, advanced and reliable equipment is adopted, The equipment is easy to maintain, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high production efficiency, low labor cost, strong system stability, and convenient production management; small footprint, low equipment construction investment, high space utilization rate; large storage volume of finished fine materials; relatively high equipment power Small, low investment in power distribution, energy saving and environmental protection, saving a lot of operation and maintenance costs; a pulse bag filter is installed to achieve efficient dust removal, good dust collection effect, and can meet the emission standards of environmental protection requirements; stable operation, convenient maintenance, no Dust emission, environment improvement.

The main machine of the new electrolytic blocks mill system is a vertical mill, which can be automatically controlled by PLC in the whole process, with high output, convenient maintenance, and saving labor costs and maintenance costs. If you want to know more configuration and quotation of electrolytic blocks pulverizer system, welcome to leave us a message.

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