Can the vertical grinding mill make sand

Release date: 2023-05-13

Can the vertical grinding mill make sand? The answer is yes. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of sand making vertical grinding mills. Our sand making vertical mills and Raymond grinding powder integrated machines have been widely used in the market and have a good reputation. Today, I will introduce to you the application of vertical mill in sand making industry.

Can the vertical grinding mill make sand

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With the continuous development of the economy, the awareness of environmental protection has gradually become popular among the people. In the field of building materials, concrete is one of the materials used on a large scale. As the aggregate of concrete, sand plays the role of skeleton in concrete. Aggregate is divided into coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. Coarse aggregate refers to aggregate with a particle size greater than 5mm, mainly natural rock or pebble; fine aggregate refers to aggregate with a particle size below 4.75mm, mainly river sand. and machine-made sand. Under normal circumstances, river sand or machine-made sand is called fine sand of 0.075~1.18mm according to different particle sizes, medium sand of 1.18~2.36mm, and coarse sand of 2.36~4.75mm. Different particle sizes of sand can meet the needs of different products. For example, dry-mixed mortar is mainly composed of fine sand and medium sand, and ordinary concrete is mostly composed of medium sand and coarse sand. In the past, the fine aggregate commonly used in ordinary concrete was mainly river sand, but after years of continuous mining, natural river sand resources are rapidly decreasing. In order to protect the ecological environment, in the field of concrete, the use of machine-made sand is strongly encouraged. Therefore, the prosperity of the construction market has promoted the rapid development of the machine-made sand market, and the machine-made sand will gradually replace the natural sand market and become one of the best sources of building materials.

The current machine-made sand production technology mainly uses jaw crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, double rotor sand making machine, vertical shaft impact crusher and other equipment as the main crushing equipment. The production of machine-made sand is realized through multi-stage crushing, but jaw crushers and cone crushers rely on impact force to break the particles, the force on the particles is small, the particles are selectively broken, and the produced machine-made sand particles have poor circularity and many It is needle-shaped. Therefore, the product quality deviation of machine-made sand prepared by jaw crusher and cone crusher is not conducive to engineering application. The ball mill is used as the crushing equipment, and the produced machine-made sand particles have better roundness, but the main function of the ball mill is grinding, and a large amount of fine powder (fine powder refers to powdery particles below 0.075mm) will be produced during the production process. It will lead to increased water demand and poor durability of concrete, so its content should be strictly controlled in machine-made sand. In addition, the production energy consumption of the ball mill is very high, which is not conducive to large-scale and large-scale production. Therefore, the high content of fine powder in the product and the high energy consumption of production and operation lead to the failure of large-scale promotion and application of ball mill to prepare machine-made sand.

As a kind of energy-saving and high-efficiency material bed grinding equipment, vertical grinding mill has been widely used in cement grinding and metallurgical slag treatment. It adopts the mutual movement of grinding rollers and grinding discs. After the particles form a material bed on the grinding discs and are squeezed, the particles are crushed by extrusion and shearing force. The materials are ground many times during the rolling process of the grinding discs. The particles are round The shape is better, and the crushing and grinding energy utilization efficiency of the vertical mill is higher than the selective crushing of the cone crusher and higher than the single particle crushing of the ball mill. Therefore, the vertical mill is widely accepted and applied as a grinding equipment to produce fine powder. The application of the partially modified vertical mill in the sand making industry can realize the production of machine-made sand. The sand making vertical mill has a high sand forming rate, low energy consumption, no waste of resources, and high production efficiency. If you have a demand for vertical mill sand making, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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