Can Raymond Mill Grind Sodium Silicate

Release date: 2023-05-12

Sodium silicate has developed into an important part of the inorganic salt industry. When using sodium silicate to prepare the flotation agent for beneficiation, it is necessary to first grind the solid sodium silicate into powder by grinding equipment. Then, what equipment is used for grinding sodium silicate? Can Raymond mill grind sodium silicate? As a manufacturer of sodium silicate grinding equipment, Guilin Hongcheng will analyze and answer this question for you today.

Can Raymond Mill Grind Sodium Silicate

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What equipment is used for grinding sodium silicate? At present, the sodium silicate grinding equipment used for grinding sodium silicate mainly includes ball milling equipment and roller grinding equipment. Among them, the sodium silicate ball mill is that the rotation of the drum itself drives the steel balls in the drum and the materials to produce relative overturning motions to achieve grinding. This type of grinding machine has high requirements for the control of the rotation speed of the drum itself, which is difficult to control. After improvement The sodium silicate ball mill is equipped with a stirring shaft in the drum of the grinding machine. The drum itself does not rotate. The stirring shaft drives the steel balls in the drum and the material to produce relative motion to achieve the grinding effect. However, for this type of ball mill with a stirring shaft, Classified crushing cannot be realized at present, and the grinding efficiency is low. So, can Raymond mill grind sodium silicate? OK. As a roller grinding equipment, Raymond mill is an ideal sodium silicate grinding equipment.

As a sodium silicate grinding equipment, Raymond mill has simple structure, easy assembly, and low production cost. The ground powder falls on the screen, qualified powder is discharged through the discharge pipe, and larger particles are discharged on the screw feeder. Driven by the driving force, it falls back into the gap between the driving roller and the driven roller for rolling grinding again, automatic cycle grinding, no manual operation, and high grinding efficiency. As a sodium silicate Raymond mill manufacturer, Guilin Hongcheng produces HC series large pendulum mills, which are the best in sodium silicate milling equipment. It can grind 80-400 mesh sodium silicate powder, and the output is 1-45t/h. There are many models. If you have relevant needs, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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