Can phosphorus slag be used in cement after grinding

Release date: 2023-09-11

Can phosphorus slag be used in cement after grinding? OK. Phosphate slag powder is an industrial by-product obtained from phosphate rock as raw material, coke and silica as additives, and processed through eutectic, water quenching, grinding and other processes. The high glass content (>90%) in phosphorus slag powder gives it high pozzolanic activity. Therefore, it is widely used in the production and preparation of cement-based building materials such as mortar and concrete. As a manufacturer of phosphorus slag vertical mills, Guilin Hongcheng's phosphorus slag vertical mills have been used and recognized in the production of phosphorus slag cement retardant materials. Today we will introduce to you the preparation method of phosphorus slag powder.

Usually, the production of 1 ton of yellow phosphorus produces about 8 to 10 tons of phosphorus slag. The accumulation of phosphorus slag requires land. Under the influence of rainwater, the toxic elements of phosphorus slag will cause river pollution and cause harm to humans and animals. In order to reduce environmental pollution and make full use of industrial waste residue to turn waste into treasure, phosphorus slag is added into cement raw materials as raw materials to replace part of the limestone and shale ingredients and reduce the amount of raw materials. Phosphorus slag has a mineralizing agent effect on clinker calcination. It can lower the firing temperature, reduce clinker heat consumption, and reduce the amount of coal blending. Therefore, when the phosphorus slag needs to be finished, subsequent grinding operations and other processes need to be added. Phosphorus slag vertical mill is a grinding equipment used in the preparation of phosphorus slag powder.

Phosphorus slag powder is generally used in concrete as follows: 1. Completely or partially replace traditional admixtures such as fly ash, mineral powder, and silica fume. This method is mostly used in areas where admixtures are expensive or where the project location cannot guarantee a stable supply of high-quality admixtures. 2. Partial replacement of cement in equal amounts. This method is mainly used in areas with high cement prices. Taking advantage of the high late activity of phosphorus slag powder, cement can be replaced without changing the type and amount of admixtures in the original concrete.

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The preparation of phosphorus slag powder adopts the vertical grinding mill production process. The material is finely crushed by multiple extrusions, separated by wind and machinery, dried, and gradually refined and powdered to obtain phosphorus slag powder, which has the advantages of convenience, simplicity, and ease of implementation. The phosphorus slag powder prepared by the vertical mill phosphorus slag powder preparation method has the advantage of large specific surface area, and its specific surface area is ≥420m2/kg. The vertical mill's built-in hot blast furnace can realize online drying of phosphorus slag, achieving the effect and purpose of significantly increasing production and saving energy.

The HLM phosphorus slag vertical mill adopts high-strength carbide wear-resistant roller surface, which can effectively solve the problem of rapid wear of the roller surface when processing phosphorus slag materials, extend the service life, and overcome the serious wear problems of other grinding methods and grinding equipment. If you want to know more information about phosphorus slag vertical mill equipment, please leave us a message for details.

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