Can nepheline powder production make money

Release date: 2023-08-30

Can nepheline powder production make money? Nepheline powder is a common non-metallic mineral powder material, which is widely used in chemical industry, building materials, light industry, medicine and other fields. Therefore, the market value of nepheline powder production can be expected. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of nepheline grinding  mills, and our nepheline stone mills have been widely used in ceramic chemical industry and other fields. So, what are the uses of ceramic chemical nepheline powder? Analyze and answer for you today.

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What are the uses of nepheline powder?

Due to the problem of raw materials, the whiteness of tiles is limited, and the general method is to use zirconium silicate as a whitening agent. However, some zirconium silicate is prone to the problem of excessive radiation due to its proximity to other mineral deposits with radioactive elements. Nepheline is a relatively rare aluminum-silicate glutenite mineral with dual sodium and potassium. It has the characteristics of low melting temperature and wide firing range, which is conducive to low-temperature and fast firing of large-scale polished tiles. When manufacturing a new generation of ultra-white polished tiles, adding a certain amount of nepheline powder can reduce the amount of zirconium silicate added, thereby controlling the possible limit of radionuclides. Nepheline can not only reduce the concern about radioactivity, but also reduce the firing temperature and improve the glaze texture of ceramic tiles. In addition, when the AL2O3 content of nepheline powder reaches more than 26%, adding an appropriate amount of nepheline powder to the polished brick can improve the strength of the polished brick and reduce its fragility, thereby reducing its damage during firing, polishing and transportation. Since the price of nepheline powder is only 1/6 of that of zirconium silicate, it can greatly reduce the production cost and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

Can nepheline powder production make money?

The production process of nepheline powder is simple, the production cost is low, and the economic benefit is good. Therefore, the production of nepheline powder is profitable. The production of nepheline powder is mainly realized through the nepheline mill, and its technological process mainly includes raw material selection, crushing, dehydration, fine grinding and other links.

1. Raw material selection: select natural nepheline ore with better quality, and remove impurities after preliminary screening and cleaning.

2. Crushing: Use a hammer crusher to crush the ore into particles with a particle size of less than 20 mm, and then use a collar crusher to further crush the particles into fine particles below about 10 mm.

3. Dehydration: Put the fine particles into a centrifugal dehydrator to separate the water from the particles, and then dry the particles until the moisture content is less than 0.5%.

4. Fine grinding: Put the dried particles into nepheline mill for fine grinding until the particle size reaches the requirement.

In addition to ceramic chemicals, nepheline powder is in high demand in the concrete, mining and road construction industries, and has price competitiveness in various industries. Therefore, nepheline powder production is a lucrative project. If you have nepheline powder production needs, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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