Alumina Grinding Mill Processing Recycled Alumina Powder

Release date: 2023-06-07

Due to the tight supply of bauxite, a refractory material, the price has risen, resulting in an increase in the production cost of products using bauxite as a raw material. Mineral admixtures (regenerated alumina powder) are low in price and can be used instead of part of bauxite. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for mineral admixtures (regenerated alumina powder) to be widely used in the refractory and high alumina cement markets. Guilin Hongcheng, as an alumina grinding mill manufacturer, will introduce recycled alumina powder to you today.

Alumina Grinding Mill Processing Recycled Alumina Powder

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The main component of regenerated alumina is Al2O3, with a content between 75% and 78%, which can be used instead of part of bauxite; its raw material is aluminum ash, which is a harmless product at 1100-1200°C after aluminum extraction, which can be High temperature resistance up to 1300°C. The regenerated alumina powder processed by the alumina mill has a fineness of 180 mesh and a pass rate of over 95%. It has been successfully applied to castables, covering agents, aluminate cement and other products to replace part of the bauxite in raw materials. The use has achieved good results, and with its lower price, the advantages of cost reduction and efficiency increase are obvious. With the deepening of research, its application field will continue to expand, and it will also get more and more customers' attention.

As a manufacturer of alumina grinding mills, Guilin Hongcheng produces and develops various types of Raymond mills, ultra-fine mills, vertical mills, and ultra-fine vertical mills, which can facilitate the adjustment of material fineness and output . The comprehensive performance of the economy is widely used in major industrial and mining enterprises, and it is also suitable for small and medium investors. The equipment has the advantages of high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, large feeding particle size, easy adjustment of product fineness, simple equipment process, small floor area, low noise, small dust, easy operation and maintenance, low operating cost, and wear-resistant material consumption. Less advantages. It provides good equipment support for the production and application of recycled alumina powder. If you have purchase needs of alumina pulverizer, welcome to leave us a message for equipment details.

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