Zircon Powder Process and Zircon Grinding Mill

Release date: 2022-07-21

Zircon powder grinding generally chooses zircon grinding mill, and zircon grinding mill includes HLM vertical mill and HLMX ultrafine vertical mill, and the process flow is similar.

Zircon Powder Process and Zirconia Grinding Mill

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Zircon powder grinding process

The grinding process of zircon powder is generally divided into two types: zircon fine powder processing (200 mesh-400 mesh) and zircon ultra-fine powder deep processing (600 mesh-2500 mesh). The process flow is similar, generally as follows:

Process 1

     After the zircon blocks are selected, they are initially crushed by the jaw crusher, so that the large zircon blocks are formed into small fragments, which are stored in the storage tank for future use.

Process 2

     The zircon fragments stored in the storage tank are sent to the main machine of the vertical mill through the quantitative feeder, and are rolled by the grinding rollers to form fine powder. The fine powder is conveyed to the powder analyzer on the top of the main body of the mill by hot air.

Process 3

     The zircon fine powder in the main body of the zircon ultra-fine powder mill or vertical mill is sent to the powder analyzer by hot air, and the blades of the powder analyzer rotate at high speed and match the wind speed, so that the qualified fine powder can pass through , the unqualified powder is blocked and falls back into the main machine of the pulverizer, and continues to grind in the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding disc (the vertical mill is the lining plate) until the fineness reaches the qualified standard.

Process 4

     Qualified zircon powder is sent into the dust collector through hot air into the pipeline, waiting for packaging. Generally, a valve port packaging machine is used for packaging. Packaging is complete for sale.

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