What types of Raymond machines are there in Guilin Metallurgy

Release date: 2022-07-12

What types of Raymond machines are there in Guilin Metallurgy? Guilin Metallurgical Raymond Mill can use HC type and Raymond mill, vertical mill and ultra-fine ring roller mill as the main stone powder production line, which can produce 80-400 mesh, even 2500 mesh powder.

1. Guilin Metallurgical Raymond Machine Type: Raymond Mill

guilin metallurgical raymond mill

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Raymond mill, developed by Hongcheng, has developed a Raymond mill that can reach 80-400 meshes. It is the famous HC pendulum mill. Guilin Metallurgical Raymond Equipment HC pendulum mill is a new generation of large-scale high-efficiency pulverizer independently developed by Guilin Hongcheng. It draws on the working principle of the pendulum mill and improves the swinging method of the pendulum mill. Without changing other parameters, the centrifugal grinding pressure is increased by nearly 35%, and the contact area between the grinding roller and the grinding ring is improved. , the output is 2.5 to 4 times higher than the traditional 5R Raymond mill, the crushing efficiency is greatly improved, and the unit energy consumption is reduced. between. At the same time, the transmission device and sealing structure of the grinding roller assembly are improved, and the operation reliability of the equipment is higher.

Guilin Metallurgical Raymond Mill HC1000 pendulum mill, the number of grinding rollers is 3, the diameter of the grinding ring is 1000mm, the finished particle is 0.022-0.18 mm, the output is 1-6.5 t/h, the power of the whole machine is 85-101 kw. The price of this type of Raymond machine is more suitable for small and medium-sized investors to purchase.

2. Guilin Metallurgical Raymond Machine Type: vertical grinding mill

guilin metallurgical vertical grinding mill

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Vertical grinding mill, this Guilin Metallurgical Raymond mill has more advantages than the pendulum mill, with small footprint, fashionable configuration, advanced technology than Raymond mill, and the use of central control to save labor. The main machine of this Guilin Metallurgical Raymond Mill is HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill, which is developed by Guilin Hongcheng based on the advanced technology at home and abroad and based on the HLM vertical mill, which is suitable for the development requirements of the non-metallic mineral industry of high-fine vertical grinding equipment. The product fineness of Hongcheng HLMX superfine vertical mill can be adjusted between 45um-7um, using a secondary classification system, the highest fineness can reach 3um, equivalent to the number of meshes, about 3000 mesh. It is a popularized mill for producing 325-400 mesh, even 3000 mesh powder.

This type of Guilin Metallurgical Raymond Machine is HLMX1000, the diameter of the grinding disc is 1000 (mm), the output is 3-12 (t/h), the grinding capacity is strong, and it is very environmentally friendly.

3. Guilin Metallurgical Raymond Machine Type: Ultrafine Ring Roller Mill

guilin metallurgical ultrafine ring roller mill

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The ultrafine ring roller mill has the advantages of high fineness, high output, low energy consumption and low investment. The crushing capacity of HCH ultrafine ring roller mill is more than double that of similar equipment. This type of Guilin Metallurgical Raymond Mill grinding equipment produces powder from 325 mesh to 2500 mesh, with an output of 0.7-3.8 (t/h), a complete machine power of 144 (kw), and a model of HCH780.

Guilin Metallurgical Raymond mill production line has diversified configurations and can be customized according to your needs. When purchasing a mill, a variety of powder requirements should be considered. It can produce coarse powder or fine powder, so that your enterprise can adapt to market competition. If you need to inquire about the configuration of 80-400 mesh ore grinding equipment, please leave a message.

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