What products can be made from quartz stone grinding powder

Release date: 2023-02-16

Quartz stone can be used in glass, ceramics and refractory materials, construction, chemical industry, machinery, electronics, rubber, paint, metallurgy, aviation and aerospace industries after being ground. What kind of mill can be used for quartz stone grinding powder? According to years of experience, ball mill or vertical mill is used to grind quartz stone. However, the vertical mill can now replace the ball mill, and the advantages of the vertical mill are relatively large. It occupies a small area, consumes 50% less energy than a ball mill, and has a 30%-40% higher output than a ball mill. It is also the mainstream milling equipment on the market.

What products can be made from quartz stone grinding powder

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What products can be made from quartz stone grinding powder?

Quartz powder is not divided into grades, only specifications. Because of its high whiteness, no impurities, and low iron content, it has a wide range of applications.

(1) Glass: the main raw materials of flat glass, float glass, glass products, optical glass, glass fiber, glass instruments, conductive glass, glass cloth and special radiation-proof glass

(2) Ceramics and refractory materials: blanks and glazes for porcelain, raw materials for high-silica bricks for kilns, ordinary silica bricks, and silicon carbide.

(3) Construction: concrete, cementitious materials, road construction materials, artificial marble, cement physical performance test materials (ie cement standard sand), etc.

(4) Chemical industry: raw materials for silicon compounds and water glass, fillers for sulfuric acid towers, amorphous silica powder

(5) Machinery: main raw materials of foundry sand, abrasive materials (sandblasting, hard abrasive paper, sandpaper, emery cloth, etc.)

(6) Electronics: high-purity metal silicon, optical fiber for communication, etc.

(7) rubber, plastic: filler (can improve wear resistance)

(8) Coatings: fillers (can improve the weather resistance of coatings).

(9) Metallurgy: raw materials or additives and fluxes for silicon metal, ferrosilicon alloy and silicon-aluminum alloy.

(10) aviation and aerospace: its internal molecular chain structure, crystal shape and lattice change law make it have high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, high insulation, corrosion resistance, piezoelectric effect, resonance effect and its unique optical characteristic.

It can be seen that quartz stone grinding is very versatile and has a wide range of application fields. Then we can increase production and efficiency by using a vertical grinding mill for grinding and processing, and bring considerable profits and value to the enterprise. Welcome to leave a message to inquire more about the quartz stone mill and Hongcheng vertical grinding mill.

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