What grinding mill is used to grind monazite?

Release date: 2024-04-10

Monazite, also known as bastnaite, is an important rare earth resource that can be used to produce mixed rare earth chloride, comprehensive recovery of sodium diuranate, thorium nitrate and other products. Monazite rare earth concentrate needs to be decomposed before it can be applied to downstream markets. At present, the decomposition of monazite adopts mechanical decomposition method, that is, grinding monazite into powder. So, what grinding mill is used to grind monazite?

What grinding mill is used to grind monazite-HCH Ultra Fine Ring Roller Mill

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What grinding mill is used to grind monazite?

The principle of grinding monazite into powder is to mix substances that can decompose monazite (such as CaO, CaCl2, NaOH, etc.) with monazite in a rare earth mill. During the grinding process, the monazite and decomposer powders experienced repeated crushing and welding processes. During this process, a decomposition reaction occurred on the welding surface. The process of grinding monazite into powder mainly adopts dry grinding method. Generally, monazite vertical grinding mill, monazite ring roller mill and other equipment are used to grind monazite into powder.

Recently, a monazite production company purchased a ring roller mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng for the monazite grinding into powder project. Due to the alkali decomposition reaction of monazite, when the particle size of monazite powder is not larger than 325 mesh, not only the reaction speed is fast, but also the conversion rate of monazite can be as high as more than 98%. An ultra-fine ring roller mill is used for crushing treatment. The efficiency is high, and the particle size of the powder is small and uniform, which is beneficial to improving the reaction efficiency and conversion rate of the alkali decomposition reaction of monazite. The advantages of Hongcheng HCH ultra-fine ring roller mill for grinding monazite into powder are: PLC intelligent automatic control of the whole process of beneficiation and grinding, the equipment is sealed and dust-free, and the monazite ore recovery rate is high.

What grinding mill is used to grind monazite? HCH ultra fine ring roller mill grinds to improve the fineness of monazite ore. The grinding ring is made of special wear-resistant steel. Under the working condition of resistance to impact, extrusion and crushing, the particles are uniform and fine, and the particles of monazite are fine. The density can be adjusted arbitrarily between 350 mesh and 450 mesh, with a production capacity of 3 tons/hour. It is fully automatic and intelligently controlled by PLC, with automatic metering, mixing, and transportation. It is equipped with 7.5kw pulse dust removal equipment. The production process is fully automatic and fully sealed to eliminate dust. Pollution reduction, noise reduction, energy saving and environmental protection. If you also have project requirements for grinding monazite into powder, please leave us a message to learn more about the ultra-fine ring roller mill equipment.

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