What are the advantages of petroleum coke mill

Release date: 2022-10-10

The petroleum coke mill integrates multiple functions, small footprint, low noise and less dust. The demand in the market is increasing day by day, and the price of the petroleum coke pulverizer is also more inquiries from customers. Due to the many advantages of the petroleum coke mill, the model Rich, the price is not the same, the following is a detailed introduction for you.

What are the advantages of petroleum coke mill

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1. Advantages of petroleum coke mill

(1). The output is large. Under the same conditions, the petroleum coke mill has high grinding efficiency, large single-machine production capacity, and can utilize low-valley electricity.

(2). The product quality is stable, the material stays in the mill for a period of time, and repeated grinding is reduced, and the product particle size is uniform in shape and particle size distribution.

(3). The installed power is small. The overall system structure is optimized, which greatly reduces the energy consumption.

(4). The system runs stably. Using unique and mature flow field design and constant gas-solid concentration control to ensure the system can be stable for a long time.

(5). Green and environmental protection. The entire system of the equipment adopts fully enclosed negative pressure operation, pulse dust collection system, and no dust pollution.

(6). Long service life. In view of the adhesion characteristics of petroleum coke powder, our mature classifier structure design is used to effectively solve the problem of adhesion and improve the service life of the equipment.

(7). The petroleum coke crushing equipment with built-in high-precision turbine classifier can discharge qualified fine powder in time after crushing, avoid over crushing and control the appearance of large particles.

2. The price of petroleum coke mill?

The price of a single petroleum coke pulverizer is between 300,000 and 1 million, and the price of a petroleum coke pulverizer under the influence of different sales regions and market factors also has a certain deviation. In addition, due to the production cost and technical content of the petroleum coke pulverizer And different processing techniques will also affect the price of equipment. The most important thing is that equipment selection, material output, product fineness, etc. will also affect the price of equipment. Guilin Hongcheng has skilled processing technology and professional and rich technical personnel. The petroleum coke pulverizer built for customers has various advantages and can meet the different needs of customers. Online consultation is welcome.

3. Application fields and prospects of petroleum coke

About 60% of petroleum coke is used in battery anodes, and about 20% is used in the field of fuel, which has become a rigid demand for glass factories, power plants, and cement plants. A very small part is used in high-end fields such as recarburizers, graphite electrodes, and anode materials. As far as the current situation is concerned, petcoke is produced by delayed coking units, and the current global delayed coking capacity totals 506.5 million tons/year, mainly distributed in Asia (46%), North America (35%), Latin America, Europe and other regions. In the future, the production capacity of petroleum coke will increase slightly, and it is expected to reach the next high in 2027. The application prospect of petroleum coke is worth looking forward to.

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