Utilization of Phosphogypsum Powder in Cement Production

Release date: 2024-04-22

Utilization of Phosphogypsum Powder in Cement Production. Derived from phosphorus ore and processed through a series of procedures involving fusion, quenching, and milling, phosphogypsum powder is an industrial byproduct. With a high glass content exceeding 90%, it exhibits significant pozzolanic activity, making it widely applicable in the production of cement-based construction materials such as mortar and concrete.

As a reputable manufacturer of phosphogypsum vertical grinding mills, Guilin Hongcheng has successfully applied and received recognition for our phosphogypsum vertical mills in the production of phosphogypsum cementitious materials. Today, we'll delve into the specific methods of phosphogypsum powder preparation.

Utilization of Phosphogypsum Powder in Cement Production-HLM Vertical Grinding Mill

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Utilization of Phosphogypsum Powder in Cement Production

1. Substitution for Traditional Admixtures: Phosphogypsum powder can completely or partially replace expensive admixtures like fly ash, mineral powder, or silica fume. This method is particularly useful in regions where high-quality admixtures are not readily available or are prohibitively expensive.

2. Partial Substitution for Cement: In regions with high cement prices, phosphogypsum powder can be used to partially substitute cement. Leveraging its high late-stage activity, phosphogypsum powder can replace cement without altering the types and dosages of other admixtures in the original concrete mix.

The preparation of phosphogypsum powder involves vertical mill production technology. The raw materials undergo multiple stages of compression, grinding, pneumatic and mechanical separation, and drying, gradually refining into powder. This process offers advantages such as convenience, simplicity, and ease of implementation.

Phosphogypsum powder prepared using vertical mill technology boasts a large specific surface area, typically ≥420m2/kg. The built-in hot air furnace in vertical mills enables online drying of phosphogypsum, resulting in significant productivity gains and energy savings.

Hongcheng HLM phosphogypsum vertical grinding mill employs high-strength, hard-wearing alloy roller surfaces, effectively addressing the challenge of rapid roller wear associated with phosphogypsum materials. This extends the service life of the equipment and overcomes the severe wear issues encountered with other milling methods and equipment.

Utilization of Phosphogypsum Powder in Cement ProductionFor more information on phosphogypsum vertical mill equipment, feel free to reach out to us for details.

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