The use of 1500 mesh talc powder in plastics

Release date: 2024-04-02

What role does 1500 mesh talc powder play in plastics? Can Guilin Hongcheng ultrafine vertical mill grind talc to 1500 mesh? Plastic grade talc parameter standards: fineness 1500 mesh, silica content 50%, magnesium oxide content 31%, whiteness 92.

The use of 1500 mesh talc powder in plastics

1. Increase the forming and shortening speed of plastics.

2. Effectively improve the appearance hardness and scratch resistance of the product.

3. It can significantly increase its flexural modulus and improve rigidity.

4. Improve its tensile strength and impact resistance.

5. Increase the heat distortion temperature of different plastics.

6. Can improve the fluidity of plastics.

Frequently asked questions about the use of talc powder in plastic production

1. What is the ratio of plastic to talcum powder? PP recycled materials generally add 20-30% talcum powder, and the maximum cannot exceed 40%;

2. What will happen if there is too much talcum powder in pp plastic? Add talc powder to transparent polypropylene material. When the addition amount is 10%, the light transmittance of the polypropylene material can reach 54%, and the transparency of the plastic will be greatly reduced;

How to add talc powder to plastic?

(1) Direct addition method: Mix talcum powder directly with plastic raw materials and extrude and granulate them into modified plastic raw materials through a twin-screw extruder. This is a commonly used method in plastic modification and is also an economical method.

(2) Filling masterbatch method: Mix talc powder and plastic carrier, and granulate it through an extruder to form a high-content masterbatch. This masterbatch can be directly mixed with plastic raw materials, and the finished product is processed by extrusion and injection. This method is easy to use, but has poor dispersion and can be used for products with low quality requirements.

(3) Carrier-free masterbatch method: Process talcum powder into a carrier-free loose particle, and then mix it with plastic raw materials. This can reduce dust pollution during the production process and improve the working environment; it can also improve the uniformity of the material. Thereby improving product quality.

What equipment is needed in the production of talc powder for plastics?

The use of 1500 mesh talc powder in plastics-HLMX Ultrafine Vertical Mill

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The commonly used production equipment for talc powder used in the plastic production process is a grinding mill. Guilin Hongcheng ultra-fine vertical grinding mill has talc powder production line cases at home and abroad. Hongcheng ultra-fine vertical mill can dry-grind raw talc ore from 325 mesh to 2500 mesh, with high pulverizing efficiency, large output per unit, and low power consumption per ton. Please leave us a message for talcum powder ultrafine vertical milling or technical consultation or quotation inquiry.

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