The method of processing brown corundum by Raymond mill

Release date: 2023-08-22

Brown corundum, commonly known as corundum, is industrially smelted with high-quality dehydrated bauxite, iron filings, coke or anthracite in an electric arc furnace at a high temperature above 2000°C. Ferrosilicon alloy is produced as a by-product, but it has the disadvantages of high energy consumption and high raw material cost. Guilin Hongcheng, as a manufacturer of Raymond mills, today introduces a method for processing brown corundum with Raymond mills that saves energy, reduces consumption, and reduces production costs.

The method of processing brown corundum by Raymond Mill uses iron ore and semi-coke powder as raw materials to smelt brown corundum, realizing the use of iron ore or scale (hematite, magnetite) instead of iron filings, and using semi-coke powder (also It is called semi-coke) instead of coke or anthracite block and dehydrated bauxite to produce qualified brown corundum. The process can significantly reduce energy consumption and raw material costs. The method of processing brown corundum by Raymond mill: the above raw materials are weighed and mixed by belt, and the brown corundum smelting raw materials are crushed into powders less than 1mm in the Raymond mill, and then put into a high-pressure dry powder briquetting machine to press them into diameters It is a flat ball of 3.5cm. Finally, put it into the self-baking electrode electric arc furnace for smelting, carry out sufficient reduction reaction, and remove the impurity components in the smelting raw material of brown corundum. The operating procedures and methods during smelting remain unchanged. The content of al2o3, sio2, 0.78%, tio2, fe2o3, and cao of the smelted product is 95.64%, 0.19%, and 0.42%. Moreover, the quality is fully in line with the standard, and ferrosilicon alloy is produced by-product.

The method of processing brown corundum by Raymond mill

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Raymond mill is the main grinding equipment in the process of processing brown corundum. It is easy to grind the main raw materials in the process of processing brown corundum: iron ore, semi-coke powder, bauxite and other materials. Raymond The brown corundum raw material for grinding and processing has fine particles, and the various components are evenly distributed. When smelting in an electric arc furnace, the reaction speed is fast, which significantly reduces energy consumption and smelting time. If you have the production demand of Raymond mill to process brown fused alumina, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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