Slag Vertical Grinding Mill Selection

Release date: 2024-03-12

The vitrification rate of high-quality blast furnace slag is over 95%, and the slag contains less than 0.5% wrapped iron. Therefore, it has poor grindability and requires extremely high wear resistance of the equipment. Therefore, slag vertical grinding mill selection is a particularly important issue. So, how to choose a slag vertical roller mill? As a manufacturer of slag vertical mills, today Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you the selection and selection analysis of slag vertical mills.

Slag Vertical Grinding Mill Selection

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Since blast furnace slag has the characteristics of poor grindability and high wear and tear on equipment, the treatment of blast furnace slag is a thorny problem. So, how to choose the slag vertical grinding mill selection? The grinding process of vertical mill is completed by a set of grinding device (i.e. grinding roller and grinding disc), and the material is ground into powder between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. The movement of the grinding device is driven by the rotation of the grinding disc and the corresponding driving of the grinding roller. In addition to the weight of the grinding roller, the grinding pressure mainly relies on a set of hydraulic devices to pressurize the material in the grinding disc. There is a large amount of coarse powder in the ground material. The powder is selected by the matching powder selector. The powder selection process is through air flow separation. During the air flow process, most of the coarse powder automatically falls onto the grinding plate and is collected again. After grinding, the rest is selected as finished products by the powder separator and sent to the finished product storage through dust collection and conveying systems.

Slag vertical grinding mill selection is mainly affected by the following factors

(1) The working principle of vertical mills used for blast furnace slag grinding is mainly crushing and grinding, and the grinding of materials is completed through the relative movement of the grinding discs and rollers.

(2) The properties of the materials to be ground (mainly physical properties) directly affect the grinding efficiency of different vertical mills. The study of material properties is beneficial to the selection of vertical mills.

(3) In addition to material characteristics, factors that affect the selection of vertical mills include production scale, power consumption, wear, etc. should be considered comprehensively.

(4) The grinding trajectory should be verified in actual production to adjust and optimize the operation under the conditions allowed by the parameters to maximize the grinding efficiency.

From the above, it can be seen that the selection of slag vertical mill must consider many factoArs such as production line scale, material performance, grinding power consumption, etc.

Slag vertical grinding mill selection requires rigorous numerical analysis in addition to rigorous numerical analysis. The price of the equipment, the scale and after-sales capabilities of the slag vertical mill manufacturer are all factors that need to be considered. As a slag vertical mill manufacturer with nearly 30 years of production experience, Guilin Hongcheng has rich experience in slag vertical mill selection. The slag vertical mills we produce are mature in the market and have been recognized and praised by slag powder manufacturers. If you want to know more about slag vertical mill selection, please leave us a message for details.

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