Silicon manganese slag processing equipment

Release date: 2022-10-19

Vertical grinding mill equipment is a special mill that helps silicon-manganese water slag realize the value of recycling. Let's learn about the details of silicon-manganese water slag processing equipment for the comprehensive utilization value of silicon-manganese water slag and the field of silicon-manganese water slag.

Silicon manganese slag processing equipment

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1. Analysis of comprehensive utilization of silico-manganese slag

Silicon-manganese slag is also called silicon-manganese smelting slag. Generally, 1t of silicon-manganese slag will produce 1.2t of silicon-manganese slag, so it is necessary to develop comprehensive utilization of silicon-manganese slag.

(1). Production of cement

After experimental research, under the action of activator, silicon-manganese slag can undergo hydration reaction and produce gelatinity, which can be used as cement raw meal and cement admixture to produce ordinary Portland cement.

(2). Concrete admixture

Silicon manganese slag contains high glass body, and its activity is exerted under the action of activator, which improves the strength of concrete.

(3). Processing ecological permeable bricks

Ecological permeable brick is a new type of green building materials. The raw materials are mostly cement, sand, slag, fly ash and other environmentally friendly materials, which are formed by high pressure.

(4). Manufacture of manganese fertilizer and silicon fertilizer

The use of silicon manganese slag to manufacture manganese fertilizer has the advantages of simple process, reliable technical route, less investment and quick effect.

(5). Recycling process

The specific gravity difference between silicomanganese slag and silicomanganese alloy is relatively large. The metal and waste slag can be separated by the gravity separation of the jigger to obtain pure alloy and waste slag. Recycle.

(6). Development of silicon-manganese slag and carbon-chromium slag glass-ceramics

Silicon-manganese slag can be used to develop glass-ceramic. It is found through research that silicon-manganese slag can promote the formation and melting of glass, and can be used in the manufacture of glass-ceramic.

2. Silicon manganese water slag processing equipment

As an industrial solid waste, what kind of grinding equipment can meet its recycling? What equipment is the main grinding equipment for turning waste into treasure? As a pulverizer equipment manufacturer that has been focusing on the field of industrial solid waste for a long time, the vertical pulverizer equipment developed by Guilin Hongcheng is a mainstream equipment that breaks through the bottleneck of grinding powder processing and realizes production advantages such as cleanliness, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving.

Hongcheng silicon manganese water slag vertical mill integrates crushing, grinding, classification and powder collection. It consists of a collection system and other components. There are many types of grinding materials, including high-humidity materials, dry materials, hard-to-grind materials, and easy-to-grind materials. It successfully meets the production needs of a large number of powder processing projects. It is an exclusive equipment commonly used for many solid wastes.

The comprehensive utilization value of silico-manganese slag is high, and the use of grinding equipment can turn waste into treasure and become an important equipment that is conducive to the construction and development of the national economy. Guilin Hongcheng has launched a new type of silicon-manganese water slag processing equipment, please feel free to come to know the details of the vertical mill equipment used for grinding and processing in this field.

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