Precautions and inspection of slag vertical mill

Release date: 2022-10-11

Solid waste treatment is getting more and more attention nowadays. As a kind of solid waste, slag can be processed into slag cement, slag micropowder, slag powder, slag Portland cement, slag wool, blast furnace slag, granulated blast furnace slag powder, Copper slag and so on, so the slag vertical mill is very popular as an energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment for slag processing, so the matters needing attention in the slag beneficiation vertical mill, the content to be checked, the precautions and inspections for choosing the right slag vertical mill, The specific matters are as follows:

Precautions and inspection of slag vertical mill

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1. Pay attention to the selection of slag vertical mill and reducer in the production line. The company has proved this through countless practices and experiences. Relevant experts have proved through the use of several large-scale slag vertical mills and reducers that are matched with 5000t/d cement clinker production lines: the design and manufacturing technology of slag vertical mills and reducers are basically mature and can meet the requirements of 5000t/d cement clinker. The needs of the production line, the supply cycle is shorter, and the price is lower.

2. Pay attention to compare whether the structure of the slag vertical mill is reasonable, whether it is convenient to maintain and repair, whether the technical and economic indicators are advanced, whether the after-sales service is guaranteed, whether the operating cost is low, and whether the supplier has strong R&D ability and technology update ability, etc. Wait. These require users to conduct on-the-spot investigation, and in-depth and meticulous investigation and research, can not only look at the size of the enterprise and advertising.

Third, pay attention to the selection of suitable parts of the slag vertical mill. The well-known brand slag vertical mill parts are beneficial to improve the reliability of the equipment, but they must be comprehensively analyzed from the aspects of overhaul, maintenance, parts guarantee and cost. The main reducer and grinding roller bearings of the slag vertical mill are expensive. It is recommended to use more cost-effective equipment, which is more convenient for use and maintenance.

The above are the precautions and inspections of the slag vertical mill. In addition, it should be noted that the equipment of the slag vertical mill production line should be adjusted according to local conditions. Low investment, short supply cycle, and easy equipment maintenance. If you have equipment needs, please feel free to consult online.

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