Plan for producing nickel slag fine powder by vertical mill

Release date: 2023-09-21

In recent years, the vertical mill process has been widely used to produce slag and steel slag powder, and the technology is relatively mature. However, it is relatively rare to comprehensively utilize ferronickel slag and stainless steel slag produced by industrial smelting of stainless steel to produce different grades of nickel slag powder. As a manufacturer of nickel slag vertical grinding mills, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you today the system composition of nickel slag vertical mills for producing nickel slag powder.

Plan for producing nickel slag fine powder by vertical mill

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Taking the nickel slag micro-powder products produced by the nickel slag vertical mill as the research object, the basic properties of the products were tested, and cement was replaced with 30% and 40% of equal quality respectively, and the effects of its use as a mineral admixture on the mechanical properties, working performance and performance of concrete were studied. The impact of durability and other properties is compared with S95 grade slag powder and grade II fly ash. The research results show that the mechanical properties and slump of concrete mixed with nickel-iron slag powder are slightly worse than those of slag and fly ash concrete. , the setting time is close to that of mineral powder, but shorter than that of Grade II fly ash concrete. When the dosage is appropriate, the frost resistance and carbonation resistance of ferronickel slag powder concrete are equivalent to those of mineral powder and Grade II fly ash. .Therefore, ferronickel slag powder can be used as a concrete mineral admixture. So, what are the advantages of a nickel slag vertical mill for producing nickel slag powder?

The main difficulties in using nickel slag vertical mill to produce nickel slag powder:

(1) Smelting stainless steel will produce a variety of waste residues with different activities; even for the same waste residue, sometimes the quality changes are relatively large. The use of stainless steel industrial waste residue to produce building materials products must meet the requirements of relevant national standards, such as fineness and fluidity ratio , activity index and other indicators, it is difficult to produce qualified micro-powder products using a single waste residue, and mixing and grinding is required.

(2) Compared with granulated blast furnace slag, blast furnace ferronickel slag has a loose structure, lighter specific gravity, and high water absorption. It has different requirements for the process parameters of the vertical mill and the hot air system.

(3) Ordinary steel slag generally contains a certain amount of metal, mainly iron, which is detrimental to the grinding process of vertical mill equipment and must be removed during the production process. However, the waste slag from smelting stainless steel is different from steel slag. It contains metals such as nickel and iron. The metal iron in steel slag is magnetic and can be easily processed by an iron remover. However, the metal contained in nickel slag has a high nickel content, low iron content, and weak magnetism. Ordinary iron removers cannot remove it cleanly.

Schematic design of nickel slag vertical mill to produce nickel slag powder:

(1) The system adds control over the proportions of multiple materials. By configuring multiple lower hoppers and belt scales, blast furnace ferronickel slag, electric furnace ferronickel slag, stainless steel refining slag, gypsum and other raw materials can be combined and used according to process proportions. The vertical mill production line can produce simple blast furnace ferronickel slag powder. , and can also produce various specifications of ferronickel slag powder and composite admixture products. According to different product formulas, the corresponding proportion of raw materials can be matched at any time to meet the actual needs of production.

(2) In order to remove as much metal as possible from the waste residue during the grinding process, all iron removers use customized super-strong magnetic permanent magnets. In the conveyor belt section, vertical mill return belt section, return material elevator discharge section, etc., belt-type, roller-type and pipe-type iron separators are respectively used to absorb and remove metals containing nickel iron.

(3) Since some of the metals contained in the waste slag have high nickel content and low magnetism, which is not easy for magnets to absorb, a return intermediate bin is set up in the system. The control system can control the direct discharge from time to time to reduce the need for vertical mills. The amount of nickel metal contained in the waste residue

(4) In order to facilitate the staff to monitor in real time and adjust the system parameters at any time, the parameters of important equipment such as the hydraulic oil station, powder separator, vertical mill main reducer, vertical mill main motor, and grinding roller lubricating oil station are placed under the same control The interface makes it easy to access monitoring and adjust system operating parameters at any time.

(5) Add an independent humidification system to adjust the humidity of raw materials. The production line separately adds water storage tanks, water pumps and valves, and introduces water pipes into the interior of the mill. When the raw material is relatively dry and affects the efficiency of the mill, the raw material needs to be sprayed with water and humidified to achieve the appropriate grinding moisture. The water pumps and valves can be started directly through the control system according to the raw material conditions in the raw material warehouse. The water spray pipe can evenly humidify the raw materials inside the mill, improving grinding efficiency and product quality. In this way, compared with the conventional vertical mill system that directly adds water and sprays the raw materials on the belt during the material conveying process, it is more uniform, the response is fast, and it is easy to accurately control the amount of water added.

The above is the detailed analysis of the design of the nickel slag vertical mill to produce nickel slag powder. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of nickel slag vertical mills. The HLM series vertical mills we produce are ideal equipment for producing nickel slag micro powder. If you have a need for a nickel slag vertical mill to produce nickel slag powder, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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