Lithium carbonate vertical roller mill production line process

Release date: 2023-11-11

Lithium carbonate is the most critical product in the lithium industry. Its main production raw materials come from salt lake brine and ore extracts. At present, the lithium carbonate vertical roller mill production line has been applied in the project of extracting lithium carbonate from lithium ore. Today, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you the lithium carbonate vertical grinding mill production line process.

Lithium carbonate vertical roller mill production line process-vertical grinding mill hlm2000

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The production process of lithium carbonate is divided into several important process steps. The completion quality of each link has a very direct impact on product quality. Only by ensuring the integrity of the process can the quality of lithium carbonate production be guaranteed. The ore extraction process and ore extraction method use chemical processes to extract the lithium carbonate components in ores such as spodumene and lepidolite. The main processes for extracting lithium from ore include lime sintering, chloride roasting, sulfate method, sulfuric acid method, soda ash pressure cooking method, etc. Among these processes, the sulfuric acid process is the most mature. Due to its simple process flow and high lithium recovery rate, coupled with years of technological transformation and equipment updates, it has become the mainstream lithium extraction process from spodumene in the world.

The process flow of the lithium carbonate vertical mill production line using sulfate method is as follows:

① Transform spodumene or lepidolite ore and roast it. After cooling, it is transported to a vertical mill for fine grinding to reach a certain concentration of particles.

②The ground powder is mixed with concentrated sulfuric acid with a certain acid-to-ore ratio, and then acidified and roasted.

③The acidified clinker is transported to the pulp mixing tank.

④ Add a certain amount of calcium carbonate to the prepared slurry to perform neutral leaching.

⑤ Filter the leaching slurry, collect the leaching liquid, and discharge the residue.

⑥ Separate and wash the sludge.

⑦ Add a certain proportion of lime milk and soda ash to the washed lithium sulfate leachate to allow the magnesium and calcium salts in it to fully precipitate.

⑧Filtering. By adopting a certain filtration process, the calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide substances are fully separated.

⑨ Evaporate and concentrate the filtrate more fully. By adding a certain amount of alkali solution to the solution, the lithium carbonate in it can be fully precipitated.

⑩ Add a certain amount of water to it, fully separate and wash the lithium carbonate, effectively remove the mother liquor, and prepare lithium carbonate after further drying.

These process links play a very important role in the preparation process of lithium carbonate. No one of them is allowed to be missing, otherwise it will have a great impact on the quality of lithium carbonate preparation.

The lithium carbonate vertical roller mill production line produced by Guilin Hongcheng is a high-tech equipment that can deeply process lithium carbonate raw materials, promote the application and development of products in the mid-stream and downstream fields, and bring good production benefits to enterprises. If you want to know more about the lithium carbonate vertical mill production line equipment, please leave a message for details.

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