Kaolin tailings make quartz sand

Release date: 2023-11-06

In recent years, the demand for photovoltaic glass sand and high-purity quartz sand has been increasing. The contradiction between the gradual shortage of natural high-quality quartz resources and the growing demand has become increasingly prominent. The key to alleviating this contradiction is to overcome the use of low-quality quartz resources to produce high-quality Quartz sand problem. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the beneficiation and purification of low-grade quartz. As a tailings mill manufacturer, today I will introduce to you how to use kaolin tailings to make quartz sand.

Kaolin tailings are solid waste discharged after kaolin beneficiation. For a long time, kaolin tailings have been stacked in the open as industrial waste, occupying a large amount of land, polluting the environment, and causing excessive consumption of non-renewable resources such as kaolin.

Since the main minerals in kaolin tailings are quartz and kaolin, the extraction of quartz sand from kaolin tailings is an important direction in kaolin recycling. The main mineral in kaolin tailings is quartz, followed by mica, feldspar, tourmaline, rutile, zircon and clay. The large amount of quartz resources in kaolin tailings has great recycling value. Carrying out research on the purification technology of quartz resources associated with kaolin can not only improve the resource utilization of kaolin tailings, but also provide a theoretical basis for enriching the source of quartz sand.

The process of making quartz sand from kaolin tailings: Grind and sieve the kaolin tailings to remove fine particles and leave coarse particles. The coarse particles are mixed with water, flotation agent and ph regulator to make flotation material, and the flotation material is processed Stir and flotate, take the upper foam, dry it, and prepare primary treatment material; the flotation agent is composed of sodium oleate, starch and anhydrous calcium chloride according to the mass ratio (3-4): (1-2): ( 1.5-2) Composition; the pH regulator used is sodium hydroxide, and the pH regulator is used to adjust the flotation material to alkalinity; the mass ratio of the flotation agent to coarse particles is 1: (15-17); The primary treatment material prepared in the above steps is mixed with a scrubbing agent and scrubbed with ultrasonic waves to obtain a reprocessing material; the prepared reprocessing material is magnetically separated and dried.

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Making quartz sand from kaolin tailings requires grinding the kaolin tailings first to reduce the particle size of the kaolin tailings and increase the subsequent contact area with the flotation agent. This requires the help of tailings grinding mill. As a tailings mill manufacturer, Guilin Hongcheng produces HC series large swing mills, HLM series vertical mills and other tailings mill equipment, which have been widely used in the deep processing of tailings. It can process 80-600 mesh tailings, providing equipment support for quartz sand production from kaolin tailings. If you have tailings mill processing needs, please leave us a message for equipment details.

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