How to produce steel slag cement?

Release date: 2023-12-21

Steel slag is waste slag produced in steelmaking, generally accounting for 15% to 20% of steel production. Due to the different regions where metal ores are stored, the composition and activity of waste residues discharged after smelting are also greatly different, making the use of metallurgical waste residues somewhat local. Use local steel slag as a mixed material to produce high-quality steel slag cement to reduce environmental pollution from steel slag, reduce cement production costs, improve cement performance, and contribute to the sustainable development of the local economy. So, how to produce steel slag cement?

Steel slag cement is produced by mixing each component material into a vertical grinding mill and grinding it. Due to the different grindability of steel slag and clinker, the cement particles produced have poor uniformity and the performance of the cement cannot be fully exerted. Steel slag cement uses Portland cement clinker as the base material. The clinker and steel slag are ground separately and then mixed. Through composite preparation, the performance of steel slag cement is greatly improved.

Steel slag cement is produced by grinding clinker and steel slag separately and then mixing them. The related properties of steel slag cement were analyzed and studied through the particle size distribution measurement and physical and mechanical properties testing of steel slag cement, and it was concluded that reasonable control of the grinding fineness of steel slag can reduce the standard consistency and improve the cement strength. Studies have shown that the optimal grinding fineness control parameters for steel slag are around 450m2/kg~500m2/kg.

Separate grinding and mixing to produce high-quality steel slag cement can effectively improve the fineness of steel slag, greatly improve the hydration activity of steel slag powder and other mixed materials, and overcome the problems of narrow distribution range and poor uniformity of cement particles caused by joint grinding to produce steel slag cement production process, the preparation process of separately grinding and mixing to produce high-quality steel slag cement has great practical significance for accelerating the hydration rate of cement, improving the setting time of cement, increasing the later strength of cement, increasing the amount of steel slag incorporated, reducing production costs, and improving economic benefits. When the steel slag content is 30%, the steel slag fineness is between 450m2/kg and 500m2/kg, which is a control indicator for better physical properties of cement and better economic benefits.

How to produce steel slag cement-vertical grinding mill

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