How to make clean coal powder?

Release date: 2023-11-14

The preparation of clean coal powder is an inevitable trend for the fine processing of coal and the improvement of added value. Conducting research on mineral dissociation and clean coal preparation technology to obtain a new type of high-energy fuel and high-quality carbon materials has broad application prospects and potential huge economic and social benefits. So, how to make clean coal powder?

Clean coal is a high value-added coal product that can be used as a high calorific value fuel to replace diesel and natural gas in internal combustion engines, gas turbines, aviation turbine engines, etc. For example, in order to reduce the wear and slagging effects of pumps, nozzles, pistons and turbine blades, Internal combustion engine fuel generally requires ultra-pure coal with an ash content of less than 1.0%. on the other hand, clean coal can also be used to prepare high-quality, high-performance carbon materials, such as carbon fiber composite materials, graphite electrodes, new energy materials and other fields.

Battery anode materials are usually made of carbon materials. For new energy materials, the requirements for material particle size and purity are very strict. Coal has abundant reserves, high carbon content, and low price. It is an important raw material for the current research and development and preparation of new energy materials. However, due to the inherent defects of coal itself, it generally cannot be used directly. It needs to be purified to remove impurities and make its purity reach more than 99.5%. At the same time, the particle size of coal is required to be less than 30um.

How to make clean coal powder:

1. The raw coal passes through the grid screen from the raw coal yard and falls onto the large-angle belt conveyor or elevator. After the electromagnetic iron remover removes iron, the belt conveyor or elevator sends the raw coal to the raw coal bunker for storage.

2. After the pulverizing system has been started, open the rod valve at the bottom of the raw coal bunker, start the sealed metering belt coal feeder, and the raw coal enters the vertical coal mill for drying and grinding.

3. The hot air or waste gas from the hot blast furnace enters the vertical coal mill under the guidance of the system fan. After sufficient heat exchange with the raw coal being ground in the mill, the pulverized coal is brought up for separation at the separator. , the coarse coal powder with unqualified fineness falls back onto the grinding disc for grinding, and the qualified coal powder follows the air flow.

4. It enters the explosion-proof gas box and is collected by the pulse dust collector, and then unloaded into the pulverized coal bin through the dividing wheel.

5. The impurities in the raw coal, such as some coal gangue, metal blocks, etc., are removed from the grinder through the air ring and the slag discharging port.

There are many processes for preparing fine coal by crushing anthracite coal, most of which fail to meet the particle size requirements for new carbon materials. At the same time, although there are many methods for the preparation of ashless coal, the ash content of the final coal obtained is high ( Ash content>1.0%). The reason is that these processes have many disadvantages, such as complex processes, serious equipment corrosion, inability to effectively recover valuable substances, high processing costs, high environmental pressure, high energy consumption, and high impurity content.

How to make clean coal powder-HLM2400 vertical coal grinding mill

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