How to deal with lithium slag

Release date: 2023-09-04

Environmental protection policies have become stricter, and the capital market has continued to pay more attention to the consumption of lithium slag and tailings. So, how to deal with lithium slag? As a manufacturer of hlm lithium slag vertical mill equipment, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce you to lithium slag treatment methods today.

How to deal with lithium slag-hlm vertical grinding mill

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Lithium slag refers to the main waste generated during the mining of lithium ore or other lithium-containing products. The main components of lithium slag are silicon dioxide SiO2, aluminum oxide AI2O3, and ferric oxide Fe2O3. The utilization technology of lithium slag is mature, and it is also widely used in industrial production, such as glass and ceramics. At present, there are mainly two ways to deal with lithium slag: building materials and lithium extraction.

1. Lithium extraction from lithium slag: The technology of extracting lithium from lithium slag is not difficult in essence. The current grade of lithium slag is very low, and the utilization rate may be limited at this stage. Now more lithium slag stocks with a grade of 0.7% to 1.0% are consumed. There was a time when 3.5% lepidolite was rejected, but now 2.5%, 1.5% or even 0.5% lepidolite is used. Lithium resources have basically been "dried up and squeezed out". Stimulated by the high price of lithium carbonate, various raw materials containing lithium will be favored by the market. Lithium extraction from lithium slag should be a relatively short-term behavior. Lithium slag does not go through the enrichment process, but directly enters the roasting process. The amount of roasting required is several times that of lithium mica extraction, and the energy consumption is extremely high. The corresponding production cost is very high. In addition, this extraction technology is the re-use of existing stock resources, which itself has relatively large limitations, and can only slightly fill the gap between supply and demand, rather than the dominant factor driving supply growth.

2. Lithium slag is used in the mixing station: Can lithium slag powder be used in the mixing station? The particle size of lithium slag is generally finer and the specific surface area is larger, which makes lithium slag have better activity and reactivity in cement. Adding lithium slag to concrete can absorb Ca(OH)p produced by cement hydration, and a secondary reaction occurs. Filling voids, slowing down the heat of cement hydration, increasing the strength of concrete, is also beneficial to resisting the cracking of mass concrete due to temperature stress. The application technology of lithium slag in cement raw materials is also very mature, and its application effect has also been verified by many large cement factories. The 28-day compressive strength of 30% lithium slag cement is 132% higher than that of Portland cement. According to the fly ash activity determination method, the 3-month compressive strength of 30% lithium slag cement is 174% higher than that of 30% ground quartz sand cement. Using lithium slag as cement raw material can bring the following advantages:

(1). Reduce costs.

The cost of replacing some cement raw materials with lithium slag is relatively low, which can reduce the cost of cement production.

(2). Increase efficiency

Lithium slag contains a certain amount of substances such as silicate and aluminate, which can promote the reaction of cement and increase the hardening speed and strength of cement.

(3). Reduce environmental pollution

Using lithium slag instead of some cement raw materials can reduce the stacking and disposal of lithium slag and reduce environmental pollution for lithium plants.

(4). Improve the quality of cement

Lithium slag contains a certain amount of substances such as calcium oxide and magnesium oxide, which can improve the quality and performance of cement.

(5). Promote resource recycling

Using lithium slag instead of some cement raw materials can realize the recycling of resources and reduce the waste of resources.

(6). Reduce dependence on mineral resources

Using lithium slag instead of some cement raw materials can reduce the dependence on mineral resources and reduce the damage to the natural environment.

(7). Reduce energy consumption

The use of lithium slag instead of some cement raw materials can reduce energy consumption in the cement production process and reduce the impact on the environment.

(8). Increase the competitiveness of enterprises

Using lithium slag to replace some cement raw materials can reduce production costs, improve product quality, and increase enterprise competitiveness.

To sum up, lithium slag can be treated by extracting lithium, which can produce high economic benefits, but the cost and profit are uncontrollable, and the consumption is limited. In the direction of building materials, replacing some cement raw materials with lithium slag can reduce costs and increase efficiency, which has important economic and social benefits. Promoting its application can promote the sustainable development of the cement industry. The absorption of lithium slag is inseparable from the help of hlm lithium slag vertical mill. Hongcheng hlm lithium slag vertical mill is an ideal equipment for drying and grinding lithium slag to produce lithium slag powder. It can meet the processing needs of lithium slag with a specific surface area of 400-700, greatly improve the activity of lithium slag, and make lithium slag used in made possible in a mixing station. If you have lithium slag treatment needs, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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