How to choose manganese ore powder desulfurizer grinding mill

Release date: 2023-05-24

In the process of electrolytic manganese production using manganese ore powder (mainly containing MnO2, Mn2O3 and MnCO3, etc.) as raw materials, a large amount of solid waste electrolytic manganese slag, referred to as manganese slag, will be produced. Manganese slag is a kind of acid waste residue, which contains a certain amount of sulfur element and cannot be discharged up to the standard. MnO2, Mn2O3 and MnCO3 in manganese ore powder can react with SO2 to generate manganese sulfate, and manganese sulfate is the raw material for electrolytic manganese production enterprises. The new process route of desulfurization of manganese ore powder has realized the resource utilization of manganese slag, enabling enterprises to achieve a win-win situation of environmental protection and economic benefits. So, which kind of desulfurizer grinding mill should you choose for manganese ore powder desulfurizer preparation? Today, Guilin Hongcheng, a manufacturer of desulfurizer mills, will introduce you in detail.

How to choose manganese ore powder desulfurizer grinding mill

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The main index requirement of manganese ore powder desulfurizer is to pass through a 200-mesh sieve after being ground by a desulfurizer mill. So, which kind of desulfurizer mill should you choose for manganese ore powder desulfurizer preparation? Commonly used desulfurizer mills include Raymond mills and vertical grinding mills, both of which can meet the requirements for the preparation of 200-mesh manganese ore powder desulfurizers. Which one to choose depends on your production requirements. As a manufacturer of desulfurizer mills, Guilin Hongcheng recommends that you choose manganese ore vertical mills for the preparation of manganese ore powder desulfurizers.

Product advantages of manganese ore powder desulfurizer prepared by HLM vertical desulfurizer mill

1. Environmentally friendly and dustproof

The whole process of the manganese ore pulverizer is carried out in a closed space. The biggest difference is that it adopts negative pressure dust suction instead of positive wind pressure air supply, so as to effectively prevent the powder from flying and effectively ensure The working environment and sanitation of the factory.

2. Stable performance

Manganese ore mill is currently mainly used in the processing of various ores, coal, calcium carbonate and other materials in China, and the production technology is mature. In the production process, the failure rate is low, the equipment operation integrity rate can reach more than 98%, and the production efficiency is high.

3. Easy to operate

The manganese ore mill has high production efficiency and requires fewer operators, so the labor cost is relatively low. Due to the high degree of automation of the manganese ore pulverizer, all controls are carried out on the power distribution control panel, and 2 people in the main workshop of a manganese ore pulverizer can operate and produce.

4. Energy saving and reliable

The manganese ore pulverizer has high reliability, good stability, and less maintenance, thus directly reducing equipment maintenance costs. Generally speaking, the maintenance cost of manganese ore pulverizer is relatively large, mainly the replacement and maintenance of grinding rollers, grinding discs and other wearable parts. However, when the roller sleeve is damaged to a certain extent, it can be turned over and reused, thereby prolonging the life of the roller sleeve.

The desulfurizing agent mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng has been widely used and recognized in the preparation of desulfurizing agents such as active coke, limestone, calcium hydroxide, and manganese ore powder. If you have a demand for manganese ore powder desulfurizer preparation, please leave us a message to learn more about the desulfurizer mill equipment details.

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