Gangue activation technology

Release date: 2023-10-10

Regarding the internal structure of coal gangue, the more defects there are in its internal structure, the higher the reactivity. Both weathered coal gangue and fresh coal gangue have a stable crystal structure, and the internal particles are arranged in an orderly manner. However, the more orderly the structure, the lower the activity, and it can even be said to be inactive. So, how to activate coal gangue? As a manufacturer of coal gangue activation equipment, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you today the coal gangue activation technology.

1. Mechanical activation method of coal gangue activation technology: Mechanical activation has a very good effect in treating fly ash, slag and coal gangue. Its main purpose is to make the particles smaller, which can play a role in density enhancement. The fine particles can fill the capillary pores of the hardened structure. Another advantage is that it will increase the specific surface area of the particles, as well as point defects and structural defects. It will appear on the surface of some particles, and may even cause dislocation. As the amorphous degree of silicon oxide and alumina increases, the free energy on the surface of the particles will also increase, and the activity will therefore increase; at the same time, it will be used in a very short time. The reduction in the amount of gypsum and calcium hydroxide accelerates the reaction between cement hydration products and mixed materials, thereby promoting the increase in hydration products and improving strength. Factors affecting the mechanical activity of coal gangue include the distribution of coal gangue particles and the distribution of cement particles. Their combination is an important parameter for the activity of coal gangue. Gangue particles of 40μm~80μm can improve the later strength of cement. The mechanism is: coal gangue particles of this size have little impact on slump loss and can help promote the physical accumulation of coal gangue in the cement system; secondly, the increase in particle size will also affect the activity of coal gangue , the larger the particles, the more parts of the coal gangue reaction are not carried out.

2. Thermal activation method of coal gangue activation technology: The chemical composition of coal gangue is very close to that of clay, and it is a silicon-alumina raw material. Therefore, it can be classified according to the aluminum content in coal gangue. There are three types: low, medium and high. The activity of calcined coal gangue is generally determined by the alumina and silica content in natural coal gangue, that is, the higher the alumina and silica content in uncalcined coal gangue, the greater the activity after treatment. high. The reason for this result is that the carbon in the gangue will affect the durability, strength and water demand of the cement. After calcination, part of the carbon will be burned, thus increasing the activity of the gangue; and kaolin after calcination The components have undergone chemical changes, and more alumina and silica are generated compared to natural coal gangue, thus improving the activity of coal gangue.

3. Microwave radiation activation of coal gangue activation technology: The materials inside the coal gangue absorb microwaves and the temperature rises. In the same small area, the surrounding minerals have different heating rates due to their different properties. As a result, inside the coal gangue There is a certain temperature difference, which will cause some of the heated minerals to expand and cracks to occur between the minerals. In addition, the effective reaction area of the microwave minerals can promote mutual absorption and promote the dissociation of the monomers of the microwave-absorbing minerals. At the same time, it can Coal gangue undergoes chemical reactions, phase changes, and crystalline transformations.

4. Chemical activation of coal gangue activation technology: The activity of coal gangue is improved by introducing chemical reagents. Generally, some alkaline reagents are added that can accelerate the secondary reaction of cement hydration products and coal gangue. The main purpose of adding alkaline reagents is to continue the reaction and destroy the Al-0 bonds and Si-0 bonds in the gangue, causing the structure to disintegrate and eventually produce new substances, which is a high-strength and disordered structure. The alkaline ions hydrolyzed by the alkaline reagent are dissolved in water and exchanged with other ions in the solution without causing structural damage.

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