Comprehensive utilization of stone powder

Release date: 2023-11-08

Stone powder refers to powdery particles with a particle size less than 0.075mm (the particle size defined in hydraulic concrete is less than 0.16mm) produced during the processing of construction sand and gravel aggregates. The comprehensive utilization of stone powder varies depending on the lithology and properties of the parent rock. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of stone powder grinding mill. Today I will talk to you about the comprehensive utilization of stone powder.

1. Concrete admixtures

The application of limestone powder in the concrete industry has been studied for a long time. As the main component of tailings, how to use limestone powder as a concrete admixture has become a hot topic and development trend in the concrete industry. Limestone powder is an inert admixture. As a concrete admixture, limestone powder has significant advantages and feasibility:

First, the addition of limestone powder can accelerate cement hydration.

Second, the particles of limestone powder have morphological effects and filling effects, which can not only increase the fluidity of the mixture and improve the particle gradation of the cementitious material system, but also improve the pore structure of concrete.

Third, limestone powder has active effects.

2. Prefabricated component admixtures

The new prefabricated component system has the advantages of fast construction speed, easy quality control, material saving, good component appearance quality, good durability, reducing on-site wet work, and being environmentally friendly. In the field of prefabricated components, a large amount of limestone powder in tailings can also be used as concrete and cement admixtures. Studies have shown that in the production of vibration-free self-compacting precast concrete components, limestone powder can effectively improve the fluidity and resistance to separation of concrete, and has a significant effect on concrete shaping, solving problems such as insufficient raw materials. In addition to the above-mentioned limestone powder, dolomite and granite stone powder whose properties are similar to those of limestone can also be used as admixtures for concrete and cement.

3. High-end product development

Higher-grade limestone sandstone mines can be used to develop high-end products such as calcium carbonate, high-calcium powder for fluxes, and limestone powder for desulfurization in thermal power plants.

(1) Calcium carbonate

Light calcium carbonate is made by calcining raw materials such as limestone to produce lime (the main component is calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide, then adding water to digest the lime to produce lime milk (the main component is calcium hydroxide), and then adding carbon dioxide to carbonize the lime milk to produce calcium carbonate precipitation. , finally obtained by dehydration, drying and crushing.

(2) Stone powder for desulfurization

At present, limestone desulfurization is the most important method for flue gas desulfurization in power plants in my country due to its mature technology and stable operation. The limestone powder produced during the processing of sand and gravel mines can be further ground and processed, which can effectively reduce the cost of the desulfurization process in power plants and provide tailings with limestone powder. Turning waste into treasure provides a good market.

(3) High calcium powder for flux

High calcium limestone powder is widely used in the metallurgical industry. In ferrous metallurgy, the role of high-calcium powder is to convert gangue in iron ore and ash in fuel and other harmful impurities into slag to facilitate the extraction of useful iron metal; during the steelmaking process, limestone removes phosphorus and sulfur Discharge into slag and improve the quality of steel. In non-ferrous metal smelting, limestone serves as a reducing agent for oxidizing ores and metals.

Comprehensive utilization of stone powder-Raymond mill

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The comprehensive utilization of stone powder is inseparable from the help of stone powder grinding machinery. The stone powder grinding machinery produced by Guilin Hongcheng includes Raymond mill, vertical mill, ultra-fine vertical mill, ring roller mill and other types. The product fineness ranges from 80 to 2500 mesh, and the output can be freely selected from small, medium, or large sizes. The categories are rich and the models are complete. It provides good equipment assistance for comprehensive utilization projects of stone powder and has rich customer cases. If you have project requirements for comprehensive utilization of stone powder, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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