Coal gangue is finely ground and then calcined to produce kaolin

Release date: 2023-09-01

Coal gangue is pulverized and then calcined to produce kaolin products. When producing coal series calcined kaolin, the selected raw ore is generally crushed to 325 mesh, 800 mesh, 1250 mesh, etc., and then calcined. The smaller the particle size, the easier it is to decarburize, that is, it is easier to burn through. Then according to the usage, it is processed to form a series of products. As a manufacturer of coal gangue grinding machine, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you today the method of coal gangue grinding and then calcining to produce kaolin.

What is the use of coal gangue grinding and calcining to produce kaolin? Due to the different calcination temperature, the phase, characteristics and grinding particle size of the calcined product are also different, which makes the application direction and field also different. So the calcination temperature is the key factor to produce different products. ① At a calcination temperature of 600-1000C (called low-temperature calcination), the product has high activity and is used for the synthesis of molecular sieves, aluminum salt chemicals, and functional materials for plastics and rubber. The selection of the optimum calcination temperature varies with the origin, particle size, processing method and application of the raw material. ②1000°C-1200C is medium-temperature calcination, the product has high whiteness and good opacity, and can be used in papermaking and coating industries, replacing titanium dioxide as structural material. When used in papermaking, it can increase the pore volume and bulk of the paper coating, and reduce the loss of brightness and opacity during calendering. ③Calcination at a temperature above 1200°C (called high-temperature calcination), the products are mullite and fluorite, which are used to produce mullite granular casting sand, advanced refractory materials and special ceramics.

How to produce kaolin by grinding coal gangue and then calcining it? Below we will give you a detailed analysis and introduction. The lump ore is washed with water to remove surface impurities, and large pieces of impurities are removed by hand selection. After drying, the lump ore is sent to the jaw crusher for crushing. The coarse powder is bleached with a bleach mixture, washed with water, dehydrated and dried, the dry material is sent to an ultrafine mill for fine grinding, and the ultrafine powder is sent to a rotary kiln for calcination. The calcined powder is sent to the classifier for crushing and classification, and the product is packaged and put into storage. Among them, grinding and calcination are the main steps. According to the characteristics of the raw ore and the requirements of the deep-processed products, coal-measure calcined kaolin can adopt a variety of process systems. For the production of mullite, massive coal gangue can be directly put into the furnace for calcination, and the calcination for other purposes must be carried out with superfine powder due to the limitation of calcination temperature. This requires the help of coal gangue kaolin pulverizer. Today, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you our important equipment for grinding and calcining coal gangue - HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill.

Coal gangue is finely ground and then calcined to produce kaolin-hlmx1500 ultrafine vertical mill

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Ultrafine powder engineering is an important part of the development of contemporary science and technology. For this reason, some new materials and new products have emerged, which have effectively promoted material science. Many low-priced mineral raw materials are worth a hundred times after ultra-fine crushing, and become new materials with high added value. This is the case with coal-measure kaolin. Ultrafine crushing is mainly completed by equipment, and the requirements for equipment and technology (material purity, energy consumption per unit of product particle size, service life of wear-resistant parts, maintenance costs, whether it causes secondary pollution to the product, ultrafine and grading functions, efficiency) is higher. The crushing equipment of coal series kaolin has gradually eliminated the ball mill. In order to reduce the energy consumption of crushing, it generally goes through the jaw crusher and hammer crusher, and then it can directly enter the ultrafine grinding equipment.

Ultrafine grinding equipment has an important influence on the quality of kaolin products produced by grinding coal gangue and then calcining: when the furnace temperature, temperature rise, and holding time of the materials are the same, the finer the input particle size, the whiter the product will be. The higher the degree. On the contrary, to achieve higher whiteness, the holding time needs to be prolonged under the same calcination temperature. The particles entering the furnace are relatively large, and the heating time needs to be extended, otherwise it will hinder the outward diffusion of oxygen and produce black cores (cannot be burned through).

The HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product particle size and small particle size. Although the jet mill can crush the kaolinite into finer pieces, the cost of the product is too high due to the high energy consumption. The feed particle size of the ultra-fine vertical mill can be below 30mm, and the classified product can reach 5μm. This method has a high degree of mechanization and automation, and can realize the programming operation of the whole process. Moreover, the ultra-fine vertical mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng has advantages over imported mills in terms of production capacity, grinding fineness, unit power consumption, equipment price, and spare parts supply. If you have the demand of grinding coal gangue and then calcining to produce kaolin, please leave us a message for details of the equipment.

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