Carbon vertical mill production and price

Release date: 2022-11-04

Carbon vertical mill is a high-efficiency energy-saving intelligent grinding equipment. It can be seen in various large-scale, intensive and intelligent pulverizing production lines. The demand for carbon in the market is increasing day by day. The requirements for grinding fineness continue to rise, how many tons per hour a carbon vertical mill can produce, and what is the price of one, the following article will give you a detailed answer.

Carbon vertical mill production and price

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1. What is carbon? What are the carbon products?

Carbon? carbon? graphite? I believe that many friends will have doubts when they see this kind of content, what exactly is carbon? What is the relationship between these common materials? In fact, carbon is a collective name for carbon and graphite materials. Carbon products can be divided into graphite electrodes, carbon blocks, graphite anodes, carbon electrodes, pastes, electric carbons, carbon fibers, special graphites, graphite heat exchangers, etc.

2. The application value of carbon

(1). To make a heat sink, the high thermal conductivity of the plane is twice as much as that of copper, which reduces the temperature of the hot spot during the heat transfer process and achieves a good heat dissipation effect. The high thermal conductivity is 200-700W/M.K.

(2). Graphite electrodes, graphite anodes, and carbon electrodes are manufactured according to the electrical conductivity of carbon, and are most widely used in industrial production.

(3). Special graphite carbon materials play an important role in the development of aerospace, electronic technology, and nuclear industries.

(4). Carbon block material is used for masonry lining of blast furnace, aluminum electrolytic cell, ferroalloy electric furnace, etc.

(5). Manufacture of carbon paste products, such as electrode paste used in continuous self-baking electric furnace as conductive electrode, anode paste used in self-baking aluminum tank as conductive anode, filler for blast furnace masonry and coarse seam paste and fine seam paste of refractory mud Wait.

(6). Non-standard carbon, graphite products, impermeable graphite, electric carbon products, carbon fiber and many other carbon products.

3. How many tons of carbon can be produced by a carbon vertical mill per hour, and what is the price?

Based on the above content, we can understand that the market application prospect of carbon is very broad. After being ground by a carbon vertical mill, carbon can play a greater potential. Models of carbon vertical mills with a production capacity of 1-200 tons per hour can be selected, with high grinding efficiency, uniform product particle shape, narrow particle size distribution, good fluidity, strong adaptability, and very little iron content in the product, high whiteness and purity. Its price is affected by market demand, manufacturer's cost, and supply of goods. For customers who need to know more about carbon vertical mills, please leave a message for consultation.

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