Can Raymond Roller Mill Grind Slaked Lime?

Release date: 2024-01-12

Can Raymond roller mill grind slaked lime? In the slaked lime production process line, grinding equipment needs to be configured at the output end of the quicklime digestion system to grind the semi-finished slaked lime into finished slaked lime that reaches the target particle size. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of calcium hydroxide Raymond roller mill. The HCLM series calcium hydroxide Raymond roller mill we produce is special equipment for grinding slaked lime.

In order to expand the applicable scope of grinding objects, most of the Raymond mills currently on the market are equipped with more than three grinding rollers, such as 4R Raymond mill or 6R Raymond mill. However, due to the low hardness and brittleness of slaked lime itself, If the existing multi-roller Raymond mill is directly used, the excessive number of grinding rollers will lead to problems such as heavy load on the drive motor, high energy consumption and low grinding efficiency.

In addition, impurities (such as calcium carbonate and insufficiently digested calcium oxide) will inevitably be mixed into the grinding chamber in the fed semi-finished hydrated lime, which will not only affect the purity of the final finished hydrated lime, but also because these impurities have high density and hardness ( Compared with slaked lime), it will be difficult to grind to the target particle size and be discharged through air separation. This will cause impurities to accumulate in the grinding chamber after long-term grinding, affecting the feed volume and final production capacity.

In addition, the existing Raymond mill also has problems with poor linkage between equipment and the inability to maintain automatic early warning, which affects the further improvement of production capacity and the timeliness of equipment maintenance.

Can Raymond Roller Mill Grind Slaked Lime

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Can Raymond roller mill grind slaked lime?

Guilin Hongcheng HCLM calcium hydroxide special grinding mill is a product that Hongcheng's technical team has upgraded and updated the traditional grinding mill for calcium hydroxide grinding. The fineness of the finished product is adjustable from 80 mesh to 600 mesh. At the same time It can solve the problem that traditional gray calcium mill cannot be produced on a large scale. It is a new type of mill product with high efficiency and energy saving. It is a cost-effective equipment among many mills. Its production advantages are as follows:

1. High output: high output, single machine output up to 30t/h.

2. Low energy consumption: low installed capacity of a single machine and low energy consumption per ton.

3. The fineness is easy to adjust: the fineness can be adjusted from 80 to 600 mesh, and the particle size distribution is even.

4. Strong slag discharge function: slag can be discharged accurately according to customer requirements.

5. Small footprint: a single machine occupies a small area.

6. Smooth operation: small vibration, low noise, smooth machine operation and reliable performance.

7. Environmental protection: The whole machine system is sealed to basically achieve a dust-free workshop.

The above is an introduction to the advantages of Guilin Hongcheng's calcium hydroxide Raymond roller mill for grinding slaked lime. If you have production needs for grinding slaked lime, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment details.

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