Can Paper Mill Sludge Be Added to Concrete Mix?

Release date: 2024-04-26

Paper mill sludge is a byproduct of the papermaking process and is primarily composed of cellulose fibers, calcium carbonate, and other inorganic compounds, like limestone. Existing asphalt concrete mineral powder is mostly made from limestone. This method consumes a large amount of limestone. So, can paper mill sludge be added to concrete?

Can Paper Mill Sludge Be Added to Concrete Mix-Raymond Roller Mill

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The molten material after burning papermaking black liquor dissolves in warm water or thin white liquor to form green liquor. The causticization reaction is to react green liquor with lime to convert sodium carbonate which has no active effect on cooking into sodium hydroxide. The thick white liquor produced after the reaction is sent to the pulping workshop as cooking liquid, and the thin white liquor is sent to the combustion section. The calcium carbonate precipitate-white mud generated by the reaction is filtered and clarified to remove residual alkali, and then transported to the solid waste treatment plant together with the green mud and the residue generated by causticization. The main component of white mud and green mud is calcium carbonate, and green mud contains a small amount of iron ions, so the mud appears green. At least one of green mud and white mud is dried to a moisture content of less than 3%. Add fly ash, slag, and waste ore powder to the dried materials and mix. Finally, the mixed mixture is ground through a white Paper mill sludge Raymond roller mill.

Can paper sludge be added to concrete mixes? 

certainly. Mineral powder for asphalt concrete is made by mixing at least one substance from green mud or white mud with fly ash, slag, and waste mineral powder in different proportions. It consumes a large amount of green mud or white mud, thereby turning waste into treasure. The purpose is to control environmental pollution at the same time; it also reduces the resource consumption of limestone in the production process of asphalt mineral powder and reduces the cost of asphalt. The produced mineral powder can improve the bonding force of asphalt concrete, stabilize its waterproof performance, and effectively improve the quality of asphalt concrete.

Guilin Hongcheng Raymond mill is used for the production of sludge mill in paper mill. Hot air is passed into the mill during grinding so that the moisture content of the ground mineral powder does not exceed 1%. Through the above settings, excessive moisture is prevented from being brought into the asphalt concrete during the production of asphalt concrete, and the quality of the produced asphalt concrete is further improved. The mineral powder produced through the Raymond mill increases the added value of the white mud, and the mineral powder produced through the white mud meets the quality requirements for the mineral powder used to make asphalt concrete using limestone, thus reducing the use of limestone resources. Consume and save resources. If you have purchasing needs for sludge grinding mills for paper mills, please leave us a message for details.

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