Can granite gravel be used as fertilizer?

Release date: 2023-11-01

Natural mineral fertilizers generally refer to various mineral or rock resources other than traditional N, P, K and other fertilizers that can be directly utilized for agricultural and forestry production without complicated processing. Can granite gravel be used as fertilizer? Of course, we can use it as fertilizer, soil conditioner, fertilizer additive, etc. after simple processing and crushing. It has great potential for development and utilization.

Natural mineral fertilizers can provide various nutrients needed for plant growth and development. Their special physical properties can also improve soil, retain water and fertilizer, and improve plants' resistance to pathogenic bacteria. In addition, adding a certain amount of natural mineral fertilizers to traditional fertilizers can prevent traditional fertilizers from clumping and increase fertilizer utilization. The functions of natural mineral fertilizers in agriculture and forestry are summarized in the following aspects.

1. As fertilizer

Natural mineral fertilizers are often rich in macroelements and trace elements necessary for plant growth and development. After slight processing, they can be directly applied as fertilizers.

2. As a soil improver and conditioner

It is extremely important to develop and utilize natural mineral fertilizers as soil improvement and conditioners. Currently, minerals or rocks used as soil improvement conditioners are used to improve soil, with remarkable results.

3. As a fertilizer additive

Incorporating a certain amount of natural mineral fertilizer into traditional N, P, K and other element fertilizers can improve the performance of the fertilizer, prevent fertilizer agglomeration (clumping), improve fertilizer utilization, reduce fertilizer volatilization and prolong fertilizer efficiency. effect. Adding a certain amount of natural mineral fertilizers to traditional farmyard manure can significantly improve the fertilizer efficiency of farmyard manure. In the production of compound fertilizers, adding a certain amount of natural mineral fertilizers can significantly improve product quality, increase granulation hardness, prevent agglomeration, reduce dust and debris, and greatly improve fertilizer efficiency. The use of natural mineral fertilizers as traditional fertilizer additives not only improves the quality of traditional fertilizers, but also significantly increases crop yields and agricultural product quality.

Mineral weathering is a common and very important geochemical process that occurs on the earth's surface. A large number of studies have shown that lichens have a significant promoting effect on the weathering of rock minerals. The biological weathering of granite by lichens is mainly accomplished through two parts: physical weathering and chemical weathering. Chemical weathering has an obvious advantage, and chemical weathering mainly causes damage to rock minerals through lichen acids secreted by lichens, causing the minerals to gradually Weathering and disintegration. Under natural conditions, lichenic acid can form complexes with metals, thereby significantly promoting the weathering process of rock minerals. During the weathering process, a large number of secondary metabolites produced by lichen symbionts were confirmed to be complex cations, including oxalates, derived from mineral matrix and lichen acid complexes containing metal cations. Therefore, screening out Appropriate conditions or parameters that promote the dissolution of mineral elements in granite are of great significance for the preparation of natural mineral fertilizers using granite as raw material.

Can granite gravel be used as fertilizer-Raymond mill

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The production process of fertilizer granite powder: (1) Grind the granite through a granite grinder to 100 mesh; (2) Mix the crushed granite with oxalic acid solution and then perform shaking treatment; filter and collect the filtrate to obtain. The granite grinding mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng is a production equipment for fertilizer granite powder. It mainly has three types: Raymond mill, vertical mill and ultra-fine grinding machine. Can produce 80-2500 mesh stone powder. The models are complete and the categories are rich. Welcome to leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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