Calcite And Dolomite Grinding Mill Applications

Release date: 2022-10-18

Calcite and dolomite are both carbonate rocks with similar crystal structures. So what are the application areas of calcite and dolomite after grinding?

The main components of calcite and dolomite are calcium carbonate, but calcite is a relatively solid sedimentary rock, with poor porosity and low permeability, and underground fluids often cannot penetrate it well. Although dolomite also contains a large amount of calcium carbonate, it also contains a considerable amount of magnesium carbonate. Dolomite has more fissures than calcium carbonate rock formations, so it has good permeability.

Both calcite and dolomite can be used for grinding. Calcite is ground into powder to obtain heavy calcium carbonate. Can be applied to rubber, plastic, paper, construction (dry mortar, concrete), artificial marble, feed and putty powder coatings and other industries. Adding a large amount of calcite powder to rubber can make the tensile strength, tear strength and wear resistance of rubber better; adding calcite powder to plastic products can play a certain role as a skeleton, which can not only enhance the stability of the product It can also improve the hardness of the product and the smoothness of the surface.

After the dolomite is ground into fine powder, there are many uses, among which the application is more in the field of coatings. 325 mesh dolomite powder is the main raw material of large white powder, and it can also produce putty powder and dry powder mortar. Grind to above 800 mesh, whiteness reaches 95, after surface treatment, it can be used as filler for latex paint. The modified dolomite powder is also a filler in the rubber and paper industry, which can improve product performance and reduce costs. Ceramic blanks are also mixed with dolomite powder, which can reduce the firing temperature of the embryos and increase the transparency of the embryos. In addition, dolomite powder is also an ideal sewage purifier and adsorbent, and can also be used to make snow melting agents.

calcite and dolomite grinding mill applications

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Guilin Hongcheng HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill production line integrates crushing, drying, grinding and conveying, and can be used to prepare calcite and dolomite powder. The powder production process is simple and the system equipment is few. It is a rare and cost-effective equipment. The structure is compact and the floor area is small, which is only 50% of the ball mill.

Guilin Hongcheng Calcite and Dolomite Mill: HLMX Ultrafine Vertical Mill

Powder fineness: 3-22μm


Application fields: Building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, coatings, papermaking, rubber, medicine, food and other fields.

Applicable materials: bauxite, kaolin, barite, fluorite, talc, water slag, lime calcium powder, wollastonite, gypsum, limestone, phosphate rock, calcite, marble, dolomite, potassium feldspar, quartz Sand, bentonite, manganese ore and other materials with a hardness below Mohs level 7.

The above has made a general introduction to the calcite and dolomite mills and their applications after grinding. As an experienced mining machinery equipment manufacturer, Guilin Hongcheng specializes in the production of various types of grinding equipment. If you want to know more about For information on calcite and dolomite grinding equipment, please consult online.

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